I have to laugh!


I just got the Faery Oracle for my birthday and last night I got it out and started shuffling and shuffling (I was trying to avoid writing my final paper for my Social Problems class) when lo and behold, the Fee Lion popped out and gave me his "look." Not being acquainted with the deck, I looked his card up and sure enough, he was telling me that I should be getting my work done!

I'm sooooo going to love this deck and once I get my work done (Thanks Fee Lion!) I'm going to look into studying this deeper. They are already crying for a new home to nest in. It's quite a noisy, lively and fun deck from what I've seen so far!

Thought I'd share and hope I posted in the right place! :)


Oh That's just awesome, Lewen!

I have had that "look" before too!:D
But usually, for me it's because they want me to stop working on all that other boring stuff and play with them!

They are a bunch of noisy, wise, playfull, obnoxious, amazing, addictive little creatures...and it sounds like they found just the right person to help!


Welcome to the study group Lewen. I look forward to hearing more of your experiences. Seems like you understand them well already *LOL*


Glad you bought them Lewen. I have also received that 'look'. It is determined but slyly humorous.