Just starting out


But I am just starting out on this forum. I recently began working with the fey and, OMG, what an amazing experience. I haven't yet purchased the deck-- I'll be doing that next week-- but I've been using the online oracle, which has been so accurate and insightful. Every night before bed, I've been pulling one to three cards to take with me into dreamland, three nights in a row I got the Soul Shrinker. Well, I never really liked the looks of this guy but something within me knew that there was something vital in his message to me. This morning, I got it. Briefly, I have a very controlling mother. She's great, mind you, but she doubts that I'll ever be "successful" in life because I've never followed conventional measures. I recently purchased a house, after leaving a long-term relationship with my mother incarnated in male form. Extremely controlling guy, narcissistic, all about him, etc. 'Loved him to death. What was that about? I kind of know the answer to that to but requires some more inner work. Anyway, I've had so many fears and doubts about my ability to make this life I've created work. But I've been manifesting like CRAZY what I want! Did I mention, I lost my job, out of the blue, two weeks after I moved into the house. I can't begin to explain how everything is working out except for the fact that, in spite of my fears, my deepest intention is in alignment with my original state... In LOVE. We are so loved... wow... well-being is the natural order and I am in vibration with this fact. Ok, so Soul Shrinker. What I realized this morning is that I have been allowing the curse of my mother, ex and whatever other naysayer exists in my realm, to come into me. My doubts have not been mine because I, my true self I, has absolutely no doubt whatsoever about manifesting the life that I desire. The criticism and maliciousness I have felt (especially from my ex-- of course I couldn't make it in life without HIM :0) but I have been allowing it on some level. I really got it and I am looking forward to working on this further and exorcise this particular demon from my being. It's right on the surface and I am so grateful to be able to see and have the tools to keep evolving.


I have sent you a PM about where to post and join in the reading circle. :)