I want a new deck, what should I get?



I saw the witch tarot one and loved that one. But I came across the wizard tarot and had to have that one. I just looks so magical and the pictures are gorgeous I cant wait to get it

I'm so happy that you found a new deck that you love! Wishing you many wonderful readings with it! :heart:



Oh those metallic decks!!! I totally want one of those now!! That will be my next mission when Im ready to buy another..I wish I would have seen that b4 I made the wizard purchase , but I def love the wizard deck.

If you do decide to purchase a metallic deck in the future, I assure you that you'll never regret it. Aside from being gorgeous headturners, they're sturdy and they shuffle beautifully too.

I wish you the best with your Wizards Tarot, Akitablue. :)


I had such a hard time deciding and you guys all gave me so many options. I just ended up going with the wizard tarot deck. The pictures are just so lovely I had to have that one. Now I have to wait for it to come in the mail. SO excited :D

Hi Akitablue! Congratulations on getting your new deck! Waiting for that delivery is a little nerve-wracking though. :bugeyed:

I hadn't heard of the Wizards Tarot before. That is a very cool deck. But of course, you should realize that buying a new Tarot deck is like eating peanuts ... you can't stop with just one. })

The previously mentioned Tarot Illuminati is one that I just recently purchased and it has rapidly become one of my favorite decks. And, since you said you like good colors, I'd also recommend the Gilded Tarot. Because you need more than just 2 decks ...

(Yes, I am a terrible enabler ...)


Pagan Cats. EVERYONE needs it

It has titles, it has ADORABLE borders, it is easy to read with, sharp and witty, and the pictures are just gorgeous.

BUY EEEET ! (oh, and it isn't expensive, either !)

Omg no..I didn't see this one. I DIDN'T!


I know you've bought your deck, but for future reference you might like to consider the pocket decks in tins by US Games. I think you'd like the size.


Congratulations on choosing your next deck, Akitablue! The Wizard Tarot is indeed lovely, seems very interesting and looks to be a great reading deck. Enjoy!

Gregory, the Pagan Cats deck always, always calls to me but I'm always like...hmm, but does it read well? It certainly is charming and the artwork is absolutely lovely. I think I must has!


The Aquarian Tarot, like the Hanson-Roberts, has beautifully illustrated floral wands, and is now available in a smaller size with a tin. The people are featured 'up close' as with the H-R.


The Morgan Greer is also a good choice, not as flowery, but it also has those close-ups and good, bold colors, and also comes in a tin these days.


Also, I echo others in recommending the Pagan Cats. It's available in a mini size, too, but no tin. It does feature some really cute kitties, though. :)