If you could design any tarot deck, what would it be like?


I really like it, rota! It is very clean in design...hey, maybe it could become a real international sign! It could signify, "Tarot Cards Read Here!" :D

Ravenswing, I would love to see you continue to draw in the style of your Fool card sketch! You've included lots of eye-catching elements in it.

I'd actually started a ST: Next Generation deck, but alas, the few cards I'd done and all my notes were lost in a hard disk crash! Wah! I may start over again, but not for awhile. I've also been thinking of a separate ST: Voyager deck, perhaps with only the Majors.

I do have an Ace of Disks that I designed a few years ago, while trying to create my own deck...I guess I'm good at starting projects, but lousy at finishing them! ;) I was going to make the Disks suit more about the body and nature than about material wealth and security.

BTW: The quote may be too small to read...it goes something like this: "Anybody who has survived his childhood has enough information to last him the rest of his days." by Flannery O'Connor.




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Hello, I'm new to this forum but I've been struggling with an idea for a tarot deck of my own as well. I plan on painting/drawing based on my favourite victorian paintings. I seem to have some talent for the arts, I just don't know computers...
I actually have almost all 78 scenes in my head and only have to start creating in the material world.
I do have some problem which some of you might be able to help me with;
I seem to have the choice between drawing, in perfect detail or painting with vibrant colors since I don't have the money to paint on large undergrounds. What would you prefer in a deck? detail or color?


Rota, you and I seem to have been working from the same idea! Have you seen my 'simple tarot'? It's a bit darker (with black backgrounds) and the figures are usually only heads, but there's a lot of similarities there. I really like your style, as well. Can you show us the rest? Do you want to put them on a webpage? (I can help)

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I'm making my dream tarot deck. Three words. ANIME TAROT BABY!!! ^_^ Sorry...it's a lot of fun though!


temperlyne said:
What would you prefer in a deck? detail or color?
Thanks for starting a new thread on this Temperlyne. :D For those who have not seen it go here.
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I happen to be a very, very visual person who cannot draw, paint, sculpt, or digitally render. The only thing I seem to have some talent with is collaging. I know that a David Eddings Belgariad/Malloreon deck would be workable (when I first thought it up, it took me about five minutes to come up with viable characters and events for all the majors), but it would only be really significant to people who knew the series, and it would pretty much demand a fantasy-art style. So if I were to actually make a deck it would have to be something quite different from that.

An Alphonse Mucha deck would be fantastic, but I doubt his descendants would appreciate it much :rolleyes:

I like the idea of a deck that is all about movement, or travel, or specific actions; but that's very abstract and I don't know how I would implement it. The Kinetic Tarot does have a ring to it, though :)


(note for WillieHewes)

Now that I've looked over your Simple Tarot, I can certainly see some similarities! Similar wavelength, indeed.

As I mentioned, I only have the major Arcana of this 'International Icon Tarot' idea, but I'd be willing to make them available online. You said you might be able to help put them on a page somewhere? I'm not web-savvy enough to know how to put these onto a page, but I could certainly email them or upload them to an ftp site.

I shopped these around to only tepid interest, and so felt no further urge to complete any further cards. Loved doing them, though. It's such a charge to figure out how to 'hybridize' the Tarot's eternal symbology with a contemporary art style, and always a surprise to see what appears when you're done.

If you do want to place them on a page, just let me know where to direct them. I'd like to get other informed reaction to them.


If I could actually draw well, I would try to create an Elizabethan tarot deck. Henry the VIII be the Devil?Tower of London-the tower?

The Christian deck sounds interesting. maybe have Mary be the HP? or the Empress?

I have wondered about maybe the art of John Waterhouse and/or Rubens as a tarot deck, or Suza Scalora (fairy photographer)?


I have also been toying with the idea of designing my own tarot deck!

I have been thinking of traditional RWS majors, something similar to the Ancestral Path tarot, and then using mythological creatures for each of the suits....dragons for wands, phoenix's for swords, but the last two...maybe unicorns for cups...?

I would also like to do an X-men tarot! I have planned out the majors, and thinking of famous battles for the minors...The Phoenix Saga for Wands, battle with Apoclypse for swords, and again, don't know what to do for the rest!


I've been working on something I like to call the "Ghost Tarot" though I'm hoping inspiration will strike for a better name.

Just as an example, 'The Chariot' has become 'The Ghost Train' and 'The Tower' is now 'The Haunted House'.

It's not totally random assignation, honest. I have a whole system of meanings evolving out of this design. Really. I do.