Interview with a Fey


Here's the this study we will be conducting an interview with a Fey card.
Who's game???
Try and choose a card that gives you trouble or can't seem to connect with.
The format for this interview is this:

  • WHO

When a card/thread appears: all participants will formulate a question for each of the words above...AS WELL AS, answers to those questions.....BUT DON'T POST them just yet....

Example Fool
Who's keys does the Fool wear? The key's belong to a Fey Lord.
Where did the Fool come from? They came from this Fey Lord, they go to every lock in the kingdom
When did the Fool get his crown? Four years ago the Fool won a contest put on by the Fey Lord.
Why does the Fool have a crown? The crown is worn to show that the Fool is the kingdom's Key Keeper
How did the Fool find the Jack'o'lantern? The Fool was on his way home from getting a new key, he took a short cut through a pumpkin patch and found the Jack'o'lantern hiding with the growing pumpkins.

*The person who picked the card will present their set of just the questions FIRST.
Everyone else will then answer these questions playing the part of the character(s) of the card. Then they will post thier set of questions. The card person will return and answer those questions posed by others.

When that is all said and done, everyone will give the set of answers to thier own questions.

The idea of this excercise it to come from a more intuitive direction. We will also be able to compare different points of views of what the card can say as well a links between points of views that are alike.

NOTE- Do interviews with each card prior to visiting threads (see more below)


Got a card picked out yet?

The card I choose to work with is the 10 of Swords. This one keeps coming up in alot of readings for me with the Fey. So I'd like to get more info on this fey :D


I'll play :D - pick my card later today.

This exercise sounds like fun - looking forward to it :D:D

Thanks for organising them, luna!


I'll play, so many cards I'd like to connect with better!

I'll be without internet service from Thursday to Tuesday, so there may be gaps in my posts. Will be substituting journaling until I get back to see what the rest of you do.


My card is the 2 of Wands :)

off to do the interview ;) so looking forward to this!


I will play.
My card is the Devil. I just don't get this card at all.
I do tend to get more Fey swords than with other Tarots as well, but for now, this is the guy I need to speak with.

Hmmm, an interview with the Devil.
May need more than tea for this one....I better go 'fire up' the coffee pot.

Question for Lunalafey:
how should we title the threads....


You can find the questions to my interview here :D

have fun ;)


NOTE- Do interviews with each card prior to visiting threads (see more below)

more players- great!
I'll give a little more explination now that there are some 'reporters' here now.

First is how to title the threads-

XcardX- Interview with a Fey....or something to that effect.

The study will be a relaxed one, no dead-lines or anything. You can do all your study over a period of time or all in one sitting.
What you want to do is create the questions and answers for your card as well as the cards of others when they appear, like my 10 of Swords in this thread- or if you see a thread posted- card will be in the title.
Try and have all your questions and answers to a card before visiting or creating a thread. We want to get fresh questions and answers, so try to not view other's q's and A's beforehand.
When you post your cards thread- only put up your questions.
When you see someone elses thread- do your Q's and A's for that card and then visit thier thread and read and answer thier questions, then post your interview questions for thier card for them to answer.


This sounds like fun! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Lunalafey. I'm off to pick a card now!


Please delete.... just realized reading the thread more carefully answered my question! :D