Interview with a Fey



We are well into the interviews now and getting pretty close to everyone having the Q's and A's up, except....
the comparing of one's q's to the answers of the card's...

When that is all said and done, everyone will give the set of answers to thier own questions.

Here's how it works....
In my thread about the 10 of Swords, Simone asked her questions and I gave answers. Now Simone will post the answers that she made to her questions. From this we can compare the 'outcome'. Once everyone has presented thier questions & shown thier answers to the card-holder, the card holder will post thier answers to thier own questions that everyone else answerd.
sounds confusing?


Let me just weasel my way on in here to say:

I don't own the Fey Tarot yet but I was reading through all the interviews last night and I think it is an excellent way to help study the cards. I found it to be very interesting and I loved all the threads... keep it up guys!! :D I can't wait to get this deck.