it's soooooo quiet....


Is it always this quiet in here? Or is it just the holiday season?

diane drizzy

Or because it's tax time?


nah, it's pretty quiet in here for the most part. It's my favorite area of the entire forum! I haven't seen a single new post in over 4 days or so i think, and i check it close to every day.


yeah, it's pretty quite, I agree. I check here every other day to read. I'm still trying hard to find some time to post some thoughts faeries shared with me (I gave Lark a promise to translate it whenever I can). Obviously, this time has not come yet. :(


and we all come back eventually ... no matter how long we have been gone.


Jewel!!! I am soooo glad to see you back!!! I missed your giggles and general fairy-like presence.


HUGSSS Jewel tightly, man oh man, i've missed you girl, welcome back!


~giggles for Marion and wiggles her fins as she hugs Sag~ it is great to be back with my faerie friends. It is like a home coming.