Looking at the ways we store the FO

Wisp Wings

I have set up a public photo album at Yahoo to where anyone can view the original bag and the new home of my Faeries' Oracle decks (2 of them combined). I hope it works!

All are welcomed to share this thread placing their websites or places on the web where they share pics of their bags, boxes, or whatever in is that houses their Faeries' Oracle deck(s).

Here is my link to view mine:
Click on the Album "Wisp Wings".


What an excellent idea, wisp wings!

I love to see pics of what other people have offered the faeries for thier home!

But I don't have any pictures on the web anywhere :(

Can I post an attatchment on this thread?

Wisp Wings

Thank you all!

Chronata, I wish you could, but I don't think they allow them on here. If you have a scanner, go set yourself up a Yahoo ID and then on www.yahoo.com click on "Photos". It is easy to place pics on this.

Wisp Wings

Added in my Faery Guide

OHhhhh, if you've viewed mine already, go again. In hind-sight I thought to add in my Faery Guide (#0) card to share.

Only my original, first deck has a guide placed on it. I purposefully left the second deck without one on it so that any fae is welcomed to appear.... be it an additional one of mine or when reading for another that one wishing to come and speak to them may.

Aura Wolf

I'd love to post pictures, but I don't have my oracle yet :)


I got the digital out


I have a yahoo photo album, it's attached to the web page so what I did was just add the fairies to the album..it is the last photo


I love seeing other's bags and boxes. Wisp Wings, your's are beautiful. I'm gonna have to start playing with fabric and see what else I can come up with. My cards are mostly in the velvet bags, I could use a little variety in my "basket of cards".

Thanks for sharing and giving us a place to share..


Wisp Wings

Hi CJ!

I have always loved your bags too! I think I wrote in Dead Star's thread "suitable bag?" that their new home, the draw strings open along the length of the fabric, more like a purse. I had made this one in using up scraps and it was never intended to be a card bag of any type, but was for holding accessories in my luggage. I was surprised when they wanted this. Now in thinking back, I can see this being like them though. Soon after they all made it their home, I was envisioning the first deck saying "See I told you this was like the interior of our old home! See why we love it?!" LOL I don't think they wanted to part with the berries. I still say that is a kitchen print! In addition to that, all in all that bag is made with four different fabrics -- the lining is one, the band is a brocade, and the outer fabric is two different fabrics -- the pansy floral and then a black and wine strip with a thin gold stripe running through it. I crazily put all those together, so I can see the faes going for something that looks rather tame, but wildly made. I would have never made a bag like this scrapy thing to sell. Since the two decks have been in this bag, I have really grown to love it. I bet the Topsie Turvets, The Undressing of a Salad, A Collective of Pixies, and The Mster Maker all were loud voices on the council to pick this as their home.


What a wonderful thread!

Within a week of having my Faeries I knew they needed a new home.

I made a trip to the fabric store to get some silk when I found a beautiful brocade that I knew they would love.

On my way out the door I felt there was something missing. I wandered around 'til I found a small wooden box.

I knew they had let me know exactly what they wanted. lol.

Once I got home I painted the box and lined it with silk and then printed out some copies of my favorite, least favorite, and universal card (as well as a few others who wanted to be included ) and covered the top.

So that's where they live, inside the box with their pictures on it, wrapped in a spread cloth. They seem to like it:)

I apologize for the poor photography...but here are a few pics:


Thanks for starting this fun thread!


whew! I'm kinda relieved mine are so low-maintenance! They're quite happy in their black velvet bag. It's as though they know I don't have much money, so they're happy where they are. It's nothing fancy, but it's their home - they have their bag and their crystals in there.