MAGIC(K) - A spell that worked...if you like


So a couple of weekends ago I was at a Tarot club meeting.
The theme was "Tarot Spells 2016" (say "Spells/Magick/Ritual" - and of course, I'm there like a shot! :joke: ).

The presenter gave a lovely run-down on how she does her spells - including candles, colour correspondence, essential oils, affirmations, sigils etc.
And what followed was a lively discussion (Me being one of the loudest) contributing to the whole idea.
- The presenter then asked "Can anyone name a spell they've done, that was successful?"
- I said "Well, I have a big example - I wish I'd thought to bring my story board in with me - but on it, is the spell for everything that I have in my life right now". :heart: :heart: *Some silence descends.*

Are you familiar with story boards as a spell medium?
(Or manifestation medium - I was actually introduced to it in a personal development course, not a magickal setting. Same thing imo).
So - you think about all the stuff you want, cut out pictures of those things - and make a collage of your "perfect life" as you'd like it to be. You're then supposed to pin it up, look at it frequently, and work towards all those things (with the appropriate positive idea that you can achieve them - with commitment, the "magic" will just happen.).
In my case - I shoved it behind the cupboard and forgot about it...sort of like you're supposed to do with a sigil. :) (the "forgetting" bit that is).

This storyboard, I made it some years back now. All just before we moved into the house we're in now - which is in London. (and there are no cards in it - as I was on a "Tarot sabbatical" then).

I'll share some of the manifestations of it here:
(SO sorry - the photos are all fuzzy! But you'll get the idea. I only have a dinky little camera and natural lighting is rubbish today. Plus my scanner's too small. The board is large and I ain't chopping it.).

Glamorous Occasions - Yes. 8 years of bellydancing in London - 3 of those with me performing on-stage. True glamour! I did that. In advance of being really "ready to perform" and with hypermobility syndrome (joint problems).

Me Time - Yes. (that's me - sitting on a meditation mat in the picture. I mastered my own best personal styles of meditation here in London). Definitely got the hang of that one now. I deliberately schedule it into my diary. Be it meditation, doing nothing, or reading a novel.

Work is Play - Yes. After some adjustments of what days I work and how I book my days - trial and error over a couple of years. I love how I work today.
And, where I work for someone else - some-time ago, that person just looked at me and said
one day - "I've raised your pay". It was a huge jump.
Huh! I'm getting paid what I want now.
And - it's like play.

Safe - Yes. Just paid off our mortgage - and it was nothing to do with me. My hubby did all that really.

The Familiar - This one's fun. Originally, I figured I'd have to wait until I was a hermit granny, before I had a cat (my husband's allergic and decided he didn't like them). I stuck it on the board anyway.
Then a) a neighbours cat fell-in-love with my hubby, slowly changing his mind
and b) a client then came along one day, and said "a friend of mine has moved and couldn't take her cat - do you know anyone??".
To my GREAT amazement. My hubby said "lets take the cat ourselves".
I now have a black cat with yellow eyes. (short hair).

Confidence, Vitality, Health - this for me was really about, mastering keeping myself physically and mentally fit and slim. A work that's in a constant balance as you may know...
- I know who to go and see when my physical body is ill and I recognise the tiny markers when I'm going downhill too - so I can get in early now (osteopath, kinesiologist, herbalist). Who to go and see when my mental body is ill (depression and s.a.d.), and what levels of activity and optimal diet are good for me (regular attendance at a sports club - presently Kung Fu, in the past yoga and dancing - and in my own time, home exercise routines and a low carb diet which is a sort of "fast diet"- approach. The diet thing - I just finished figuring out this spring. And I'm amazed how easily it works.)

Shame this is so fuzzy!
It's the bit at the bottom - Neighbourhood Priest. With a long haired man on the left,
and a cartoon witch lady on a broomstick on the right. ;) (honest - she says, looking at how fuzzy it is).

Now for this one, I just had to laugh.
I had looked for 3 years for a coven to join. (I'm Wiccan). Didn't much like any of the coven leaders I saw during that time. Concluded there wasn't one for me after-all... and then guess what happened?
Sitting in the back of the room one night casually listening to a coven leader, I suddenly thought "That's my HP!"
A couple of paragraphs later into his talk - he said - that he'd had long hair for quite a while.
DUUUGH! (I managed not to laugh out loud).
There was a place for me in his group.

There are of course some sections on the storyboard - this giant "story of how my life should be" that either haven't worked, worked and are now over, or are no longer relevant.
And of course - it hasn't "all been roses". (which have thorns anyway).

I'll need a new story board to re-address these maybe. :angel:
Plus ofcourse, for all areas - I had the help come in. People suggesting x and y. People recommending or offering z. The "right kind of course" popping up in an accessible location... people saying "of course you CAN"...
Support from family and friends deliberate and in-deliberate (when they DO or ARE something, that just makes you have an "Aha" moment - and go away and try things on your own.).

SO? Any spells you can recount about yourselves?

My whole life's a magick spell - unfolding over the years.
How fabulous is it to think of it like that? (I remind myself).

(gotta pull some new rabbits out-of-the-hat now :bugeyed: For the new challenges that have arisen.).


Lovely story ☺

The first one that comes to mind is last week when I created a quasi sigil type entity for removing a recurring pain I was getting - so far so good! Working on another one now for migraines. ...


Lovely story ☺

The first one that comes to mind is last week when I created a quasi sigil type entity for removing a recurring pain I was getting - so far so good! Working on another one now for migraines. ...

Huh. Sounds intriguing.(imagining entities now...).
Never thought of that...

The only time I've made something into an entity was - after reading a book (darned now, if I can remember what and who the author was, but he was a chaos magician) - I decided to view my recurring depression (S.A.D.) - as a daemon, that I have an understanding with and keep locked up in a silver cage "below" me.

Since then - it's much easier to manage - and I'll even use it to funnel away negativity coming my way - or mirror it back (possibly crossing a line here, so I'm careful. It sure gives me a more empowered perspective).


The quasi sigil is more of a multidimensional energy readjustment centre which was created from a sigil if that makes and sense? I tend to do sigils purely in my head because then you can see them from all angles and experiment with colours/temps/energies, getting immediate feedback from ones body as to what feels right.


...I tend to do sigils purely in my head because then you can see them from all angles and experiment with colours/temps/energies, getting immediate feedback from ones body as to what feels right.

:) Drawing's good for me (even if I can't get the multidimensional thing - real amateur artist
here ;) ). I remember them better if drawn.


Another one to try (same idea, different execution)

Ah, yes. Good old "vision board" magick, tried and true. I like the way you did yours, OP! I actually did something similar about two to three months ago. Granted, the images I used are things that I know will take years to manifest, so obviously not enough time has passed to say if it worked or not- however it was given to me by one of my most favorite psychics/former hoodoo rootworker, and many of her clients who have used this ritual over the years (I don't like the word "spell" because we don't really use that term in my occult tradition; in hoodoo we prefer the terms "ritual" or "working") have found that it successfully works wonders- and fast, especially if they make short-term wishes. I made a few teeny tiny tweaks to mine for added power (since I do amateur rootwork myself) but for at least 90% of it, I followed what the psychic/rootworker said.

-First I found a large green jar, because the color green represents good fortune, a happy and blessed home, and all around joy. Plus it's the color of Venus, who represents love and family. And most of my manifestations revolve around that. But anyway, I took this large green jar (a glass jar so I can see what's inside) and put everything inside of it. You can use a colorless jar if you want to, but she suggested using a color that corresponds to your desires (like a red or pink jar if your manifestations are only about love, or a purple jar if your desires revolve around personal power, etc.).

-I then filled the bottom portion of the jar with dirt from my current residence, to ground the wishes to me. As a personal tweak I added in various herbs that would amplify my desires, for instance, basil for a happy home/family, lavender and rose for true love, etc.

-After that I made a little box out of cardboard and glued a picture of my home to it, placing that box on top of the dirt in my jar. I guess it's supposed to fulfill sort of the same purpose as the dirt.

-Then I cut out pictures of all the things I wanted to manifest (I found them on Pinterest)- things such as quotes I liked, my dream home/kitchen, cute babies, my dream wedding dress/ring, pictures of happy couples (I used silhouettes and clip art instead of stock images for those, because I didn't like having strange people in my jar haha) and pictures of the people I wanted to continue to have in my life. I then dressed the photos with corresponding oils, folded them, and stuck them in the jar, topping them with some rose petals.

-I then charged the jar under the full moon and prayed over it (it happened to be a Pisces supermoon that month), and for each night for the next thirty nights, I dressed a tea light with Attraction oil and herbs and lit it on top of the jar.

-Now that that is over, I currently keep my jar as sort of a "witches bottle" on my altar.

I really like how OP mentioned that she "forgot" about her jar, because I believe that that is the key to manifesting things into your life- you have to "ask" for them, and then "let go". If you keep obsessing, you may prevent them from coming into your life. Granted, there's nothing wrong with trying to work to bring things into your life, but for manifestation rituals it's best if you "get out of the way" and let God/the universe or whoever you believe in to do the work while you enjoy life.

Remember, when you want something, as in you're constantly pining over it, that means that you're focusing on your lack of it, because want=lack. Wanting is therefore the opposite of having! If you would like to manifest something in your life, you cannot keep focusing on the fact that you do not have it! Act like you already have it, and get yourself into that receiving state!

I may try your take on the ritual someday, OP. Thanks for sharing!


Here's a Banishing example...

...First I found a large green jar, because the color green represents good fortune, a happy and blessed home, and all around joy...
I then filled the bottom portion of the jar with dirt from my current residence...
Then I cut out pictures of all the things I wanted to manifest... etc.

What a wonderful magickal jar! And the process of creating it sounds rather enjoyable.
Thank you!

Now - here's an example of a banishing spell I have done which worked (if you wish to think of it that way of course ;) ).

Some years ago now - a good friend of mine, was having great difficulties with a work acquaintance. These difficulties began after they had had irreconcilable views when they worked together once - I believe.
It seemed that this acquaintance - we'll label them 'Helios' for ease - just seemed set on being unpleasant and making my friend's life difficult whenever possible (unable to let go of their differences).
They were not able to avoid each other completely, due to the working circles they frequented.
It was a constant lo-grade agitation.

One day, quite a while later (maybe a couple of years), my friend said to me "y'know I'm just really exhausted with always having to deal with Helios... I wonder... would you join with me in doing a little bit of magick?
Would you, whenever you think of Helios (and I will do the same) - just imagine that they are walking happily away, off into the sunset - far away from here?"

And so - we did.
I can't remember how long for - maybe I did it "actively" for a week?...

What happened some months later?
Helios - was deported. :bugeyed:

Now... I wasn't quite expecting that.
(and hence one has to be very careful "what they wish for").


Now - here's an example of a banishing spell I have done which worked (if you wish to think of it that way of course ;) ).

What a great story of magickal success! I actually wouldn't mind using this ritual because it seems like a positive approach to a common situation- there's certain people I wouldn't mind banishing in my own life, yet the problem is, I personally don't like doing "negative" workings (I feel much more at ease doing love, money drawing, or overall prosperity work for myself and my family). In hoodoo we don't believe in the Rule of Three or anything like that, so that isn't the issue- I just don't like blacker magick because it conflicts with my kindhearted nature.

Thanks for this little tip!


Tanga, first of all, the sites you provided wouldn't work for me. I just kept getting a generic pop up of pics with this said on it: "Whoops! We couldn't find that page.
How about these instead?".

However, I know what you are speaking of. I've read about them before in books and how to make one. I have done similar things.

I have drawn things I want and also copied pics of what I want onto my desktop from websites--and kept in files, labeled "What I want". that sort of thing.

However, I have actually brought some things to me through a very similar 'magic spell' I guess you could say. The most recent that I can recall is our new home--currently our 'vacation home' but it will be our full time home once hubby retires in a few years.

I/we have always wanted a home on the water. I have been wanting a home all on one level for awhile. I always dream of a nice home in a quiet area, but close/walking close to things we need most. Grocery stores, good restaurants, gas stations, ect. I had it all planned out in my head. Sometimes I would even draw the plans of my home out. A separate laundry area from our kitchen or bathroom, etc. I wanted a garage ATTACHED to our home. (we always seem to get those unattached). At any rate, I had specific things I wanted--oh, and walk in closets in the bedrooms.

While I never completely expected it to come to be, it was pretty much always the same 'dream' of "Universe, this is what I want".

So, then one day, my hubby & I found this house! It was at a fantastic price too--on the water, with a nice dock and everything--we could even purchase a large boat to tie up to this pier. (we aren't big boat people though--we're kayakers). It was absolutely LOVELY! And, yep, we got it! the funny thing is, that house was on the market for awhile and only a few people actually saw it, we were one of them. For some reason, the realtor forgot to put it on the internet, and quite honestly now a days, most people 'shop' first online before going to realtors--thus, I feel upped our chances in getting this. It was shown on zillow--which is how we found it, (or rather our daughter did).

The home was also envisioned in my mind as a 'move in home'--and it was. This is really the first home we ever purchased that was a move in ready home. (this is our 4th purchased home in our lives).

so, similar to the 'dream board', my 'magic' was a 'visualization' magic, you could say.

I do totally believe that we can use these forms of magic any time to bring about what we need and want. We even do use these forms of magic on a regular basis and don't realize we are doing so. The trick is to not ever think while 'dreaming' of it "oh, this will never come to be.." because you're already saying its NOT going to happen. You have to remain positive about it whenever you think of it--or look at it in your notes, drawings, boards, etc.

Emilygrace, I enjoyed your post too and what a lovely idea to do! I am in the process of making (haven't yet finished for some reason) of putting together a 'witches jar'. I really only need a few more things in it, but haven't gotten around to finishing it, yet. My jar is in regards to something that was done to me that wasn't right and I'm trying to make it right again. We'll see how long it takes to work, but my feeling is that it will work quickly.

I also agree that one should do such a thing positively and not allow negative feelings or words into it. I fully believe that what you put out to the universe comes back to you, so always do things with love, that way only good things come back to you.

nice thread! :thumbsup:


Tanga, first of all, the sites you provided wouldn't work for me. I just kept getting a generic pop up of pics with this said on it: "Whoops! We couldn't find that page.
How about these instead?".

Dammit! I was hoping I wouldn't have to slave through figuring out how to use a different photo storage system on my computer... those photo's are on a "private" board on Pin Interest - because I didn't want the whole world to see... but ahh obviously I still don't know how that works...
Well - this will have to wait for a while. I'm rubbish at techie stuff and don't enjoy it either.
:) :)

Basically it's photographs of sections of a poster-sized collage. All pieces cut out of magazines and glued to it. Some words are cut out. Some words I wrote myself -

Glamarous occasions - A group of bellydancers posing, and an ornate statue.
Me Time - A meditating body on a cushion - I cut my head off a photo and stuck it on the body.
Work is Play - Those words, plus a cartoon lady blowing a large balloon.
Safe - The word, below two yellow rubber duckies (those bath time ones).
The Familiar - A fluffy black cat in a loungy pose.
Confidence, Vitality, Health - A picture of a slim Sophie Okonedo (A mixed-race actress. Like myself, being half black and half white.) in a green dress, a picture of yoga and exercise in progress, a side profile with "confidence" scrolled across the brain part.
Neighbourhood Priest - A longhaired man on the left with fiery light glowing from his right hand - and a cartoon witch on a broomstick (representing me :) ) on the right.

However, I know what you are speaking of...
So, then one day, my hubby & I found this house!..., similar to the 'dream board', my 'magic' was a 'visualization' magic, you could say.

Pretty cool!!! :cool2:

I did exactly the same for the house we live in now... All in my head.
We also talked about it out-loud - between myself, my husband and my mother who lives with us.
My bother found the house for us on-line and it hadn't been up on sale for very long (would have been snapped up pretty sharpish otherwise.). It was the 2nd house we looked at on the same estate in the same day (And that's ALL the house shopping that we actually did) and we put an offer in immediately. All went smoothly.
So - it's in the city, but is next to a large park. It's in a place which has some woodland out back (a tiny bit). If we sit outback, we can almost pretend we're not in the city. It is organised is such a way - that I have my therapy business in the front room by the door - and this does not interfere with the rest of the house and it's occupants.
It has convenient public transport routes to everywhere, with free parking space on the estate, a decent shopping area within walking distance - and the bit that was a wonderful surprise - because it's on a hill with 2 stories, from the top-front we can see over the rooftops into open sky. So - I get to see the stars and the moon, the moods of the weather and amazing sunsets daily - in the city.

The bit I didn't factor in - was to imagine that it would have clean building foundations - like new building status.
It's fairly new (60's) - but after several previous owners, cutting corners to re-do and re-patch stuff... there's quite a few things that are wrong if you really peel back the layers. Lol.
(Y'know - pipes that are too narrow, the wrong kind of fitting... x used instead of y. z bit forgotten or substituted cheaply before the whole shebang was put together... etc.).
On the surface it's beautiful (and modern - which suites my tastes) - and it was finished and functional so we could move straight in without building work. We only re-painted the walls.
But, it is a constant work-in-progress to correct all these things.
I love the house however. I hope to never leave it.

:) :) :).