Magical Forest - The Star


from lwb:

XVII - The Star
By starlight, Pretty Sheep goes to the Magic Lake: "I look at my reflection in the
water that I pour and let trickle lightly down the green grass. I renew the magic
and hope of the Forest."

There are 7 smaller stars and one large star here. I also see a bird in the tree.
The water from her pitcher over the land is flowing through the grass moving to
give nourishment to the forest, which will nourish everyone in the forest.
The card is supposed to represent insight and good health. The 7 smaller
stars are supposed to represent the 7 chakras of the body and the large
one, cosmic energy. There appears to be lots of positive energy on this
card judging from the size of the star over her head. The energy which
might be represented in the green color, from the star appears to be going
down like light and it covers the land and the sheep and into the water.
She is like the winged lamb in the Temperance card, doing for others,
reminding us to do the same.


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Magical Forest- the Stars

Whenever I see this card, I think of "Hope springs eternal" I see the little lamb refilling the pool and at the same time spilling upon the land. What a welcome card after the Devil! This card reinforces my thoughts that no matter what, hope is forever refreshing us at the times we seem to need it the most. I like the nights that it's so clear you can see every star in the sky, it tells me that just as they twinkle each night without fail, we can be assured that hope will carry us through our toughest times.


I can see the better times coming over the horrizon...The bird in the little tree is welcoming the water as it will bring new growth and leaves to the tree. A tree he will be able to call home.


This card reminds me of temperance - in that card the sheep was carefully measuring water from glass to glass, this sheep is no angel and spills some water on the ground (another contrast is the time of day and night) - what this sheep has in common is the one foot in the water, and the concentration on what she/he is doing. I wonder if this star is the one that was guiding the hermit? This card gives me hope, but perhaps a little more care should be taken. All in all this card also feels positive to me - and very 'earthy'.