Making your Own???


Hello All,

I see that there are alot of different types and styles of Tarot cards listed. But what if you don't have the extra money to purchase a set?

I really wanted a Tarot deck, but did not have the money to purchase even a less expensive deck. So I took some index cards that we still had and drew (as close as I could) the major cards, then cut them down to about the size of an average poker deck, and added them to a poker deck.

Will this even work like a Normal Tarot Deck?? Meaning, don't the suits equate to the Regular cards of a Tarot deck? Hearts=Cups, Spades=Swords, Clubs=Wands, and Diamonds=Pentacles???

Was this the wrong thing to do??

Advise saught (sp) please.


Of course it will work, providing that there are 78 cards with the same/similar representation as what is generally considered 'tarot' - maybe even better because by making your own deck you are analizing the cards and learning the meanings in more detail... :) Have you included a card to represent the page for each minor suit? (They are not found in a regular poker deck...)

Why don't you join us in the Tarot Deck Creation Study Group in the Study Groups section of the Forums... You would be surprised at how many others are making there own deck too!


I don't think it was the wrong thing to do. As long as you can work with the deck you have created, then its fine! All the Tarot cards do, IMO, is give you nudges and hint as to meanings and things to say. You take it from there. The pictures on the cards tell you what the meanings are, and as long as you have that, you're pretty much OK. You are also correct on the poker deck correspondances, but you may have a problem in that with pip cards for the Minors instead of illustrated secenes, you will need to memorise the meanings instead of taking your cues from the pictures, as you would the Majors...

BTW: Have you added a Knight to the Court cards, cuz the Tarot has 4 courts in each suit, whilst the Poker deck only 3...

Good luck with you new deck anyway! Hey, it would probably be fun for you if you took some of those index cards, and did the Minor Arcana too! Really go for it: Colour it in, think about what symbols you would like to go on there, etc... Treat it like a work of art, no matter how poor you art skills! Have fun!



Damnit: I typed so slowly that Kayne replied whilst I was typing!


Thank you for your kind words. It's reassuring to have someone(s) more knowledgable give the 'go-ahead' so to speak. *smiles*

I'm actually just learning. When I drew the cards I went to and pulled up a Tarot deck to view the Major cards to have something to go by when drawing. Amazing thing the internet! *grins*

Kayne and Kiama: Actually, *blushes* I'd forgotten that a page was needed, so I will add the four Pages to what was made.

I did remember that the Jack was sort of a combination of the Knight and the Page, but forgot to make and add a Page to the mix.

That will be some thing that I'll be doing tomorrow, I think.

Since, I also do not have a tarot book with the meanings of the different cards, I'm pulling what information I can from the site and from this website. Reading through the forum that centers on the different cards and their meanings has been extremely (sp) helpful!

And yes, using the regular poker cards does mean that I pretty much have to -know- what that card actually represents. I'm constantly refering to notes that I've taken over the course of the last 2 days.

I'm hesitant of designing the full deck from the index cards. Though the back of the index cards are very handy for short info on the meaning the card; which, of course, would make it extremly (sp) useful for learning. *seriously thinking*

Kayne: Thank you for the invitation to join the colaberation project:Tarot Deck Creation Study Group. Is there a screening that must be passed??


If you look on the author has information on every single card, arranged in an easy to access order. In fact, she has all the info of her book 'learning the tarot' online at that site - you might find it useful.

I think it is really creative of you to make your own tarot deck using a standard card deck. Tarot cards /are/ very expensive, and you can enjoy a lot of the art online.

If you have time it might be fun to complete the deck by doing all the minors yourself. But who am I to speak, I haven't ever made any tarot cards at all. Maybe one day ...

All the very best,



All you need to join the Tarot Deck Creation Study Group is an interest in creating your own tarot cards... sounds like you certainly have that - so - I look forward to seeing you there! :D


kayne said:
All you need to join the Tarot Deck Creation Study Group is an interest in creating your own tarot cards... sounds like you certainly have that - so - I look forward to seeing you there! :D

I have a feeling there's been a mix-up between the FACT Tarot Project and the Study Group whic you and Major Tom are running....


The 'missing' court card in a standard playing card deck is the knight, as Kiama pointed out... unless you're using a Spanish version, in which the Jack/Page has been dropped. add a Knight, and leave the Jack as a Page.

Also, the Joker can also be left as the Fool...

With regards to the un-illustrated pips, great!


Sorry, you are right Kiama, I didn't even pick it up :p

Sweetoaks, the Tarot Deck Creation Study Group is for anyone interested in making there own deck, for themselves. It gives them a chance to discuss ideas, themes and ways fo making your own deck :)

I believe all the cards for the collaboration deck of been assigned... (It was a 'first in - best dressed' type of thing for that one...)

Sorry about the mix up. Your input will be welcome in the Tarot Deck Creation Study Group if you are interested though :)