Making your Own???


Fairyhedgehog: Thank you for the URL. It is really turning out to be most helpful. *smiles* Also, thank you for the complement on being creative. However, I feel that I should point out that it was more a combination of what I was already familiar with and laziness… or just plain laziness. I already know one method using the regular poker deck and enjoy the ease of handling that size of deck, as well as it being much less expensive.

I may, somewhere down the line, design a complete deck of Tarot to suit myself, but for now I don’t feel that I’ll have the time. I’m expecting our first child in about 4 weeks. The preparations for this are both exciting and exhausting.

Kayne and Kiame: Thank you for clarifying which of the Tarot creation study groups was the correct one. By the way Kiame, your signature/saying is perfect. *grins*

Jmd and Kiame: Thank you both for pointing out that it was the Knight card that needed to be added. However, every time I look at the Jack card with its small mustache I find it hard to picture him to represent a Page. He seems to look more like a young warrior instead. So, I’ve added young boys of each suit to represent the Pages. I couldn’t help it.

Thank you again everyone, for your words of encouragement.