Margarete Petersen Study Group Proposal - with or without the deck!


Margarete Petersen Study Group Proposal -- with or without the deck!

My dear Friends,

We have talked about a study group before. I have just forged ahead and started posting cards, without a proposal thread. I think this is an important deck that makes an important contribution to Tarot, yet I am not sure in which ways yet.

So lets see, I propose that we post one thread per card, at a pace of about two per week, or so. I have been pulling a card at random, like a daily card, sometimes with a question. I would love the posts to lead to discussion, of course! I propose that anyone who wishes may begin a thread for a new card at anytime.

Here are the ways in which I like to examine the cards, and I hope that you will participate in this, yet of course you may have other ways to explore as well:
  • Card description: since each card is rather abstract, yet reveals much upon close examination, I enjoy to put as much into words of what I see as possible. I would love to see what you see in the card, and if you can see what the others see in the card. The more people we have looking at the cards and pondering the details, the better. I believe there is much beneath the surface in each case.
  • Interpretation: before reading MP's text, I enjoy looking to see what meaning can be derived just from her image, and trying to put that into words.
  • Translation: I enjoy translating MP's text. I will be delighted to see other German/English speakers collaborating with me in this task *firemaiden wipes sweat from brow*
  • Commentary: I think it will be valuable to explore the ideas in the MP text; so often they are poetic, and bring up concepts, philosophies, which deserve to be fully explored. It will also be useful to examine how MP's meanings for the card include and/or transform the tradition. (My observation is that she is very mindful of the tradition).
  • Link to the Image: technically this requires going first to the grid view of all the cards, then clicking on the appropriate card in the grid, then clicking on that card to enlarge it, then selecting that url to paste in the post. (It doesn't work if you select the url any other way)

As the entire deck is on line for viewing at La Palma GALERIE these threads need not be limited to those who actually own the deck! Of couse, proselytiser that I am at heart, I hope that eventually many will buy this deck!


Well, I think you already know that I'm interested!

I love your descriptions of the cards, they really add to what I see in them.
I like your idea of comparing them to 'tradition', too. Especially since her cards often seem to bridge RWS and Thoth meanings.


Please, anyone feel free to start a new thread at any time. :)
Perhaps someone would like to do a reading with this deck and post it in this forum for us to work on together, interpreting the art together, and translating the text.


hey! I'll be joining the study group shortly. Just ordered my deck.... no thanks to all the glowing reccomendations! :p

Don't know a lick of German, so unfortunately I won't be of any use translating... but really looking forward to exploring these cards!!!

..... 2 - 3 days now.....


O Joya, I will sing, " o GIOIA!!!" to celebrate your joining us. Please if you want to start a thread on a card, and want to know the translation for the blurb in the book, I will always be happy to do my best, and there are several others (somewhere!) around here who will too. :)


Please, if anyone out there thas a question, or needs help with the deck, the translations, or simply understanding what the numbers and suits are, please let me know. Let me know what you need.

I think this is a special, powerful, and deep deck, and is worth every moment of time we spend getting to know it.

Time will tell!


Firemaiden, I don't have the deck, more's the pity - it is exquisite. I'm fascinated by the way MP includes yet transcends traditional 'meanings'.

Thank you for continuing the study - brilliant stuff!


I've spent the past couple of hours flitting through the threads - like a child let loose in a sweetshop. Wonderful images, fascinating text.... Thank you Firemaiden!

It all reminds me so much of Haindl. I have it in my head that Haindl first published in 1984 and that MP's deck dates from the same period. Clearly amazing things going on with tarot in Germany at that time. Yet I'm not aware of any significant German decks since - I'm sure there are I'm just not aware of any.

I visited Germany a number of times from the late 70s to early 80s and the things I most recall were the extent and degree of threat perceived from the Soviet bloc and the growth of the environmental lobby. Both come through strongly in Haindl and feels an intrinsic part of MP's work.

Anyway, on to more disciplined study....


LOL thanks Aoife! MP's tarot is not the same period as Handl. She began working on it in 1979, but worked on it for 22 years, it was first published as a 78 card deck in 2001!