Margarete Petersen Study Group Proposal - with or without the deck!


Now we have our own forum!! Yayayayayayay!!
Thank you Solandia!


hey! our own little room for study group!!! cool

I'll gotta get back into my deck. I'll be posting shortly, firemaiden! :)

Rusty Neon

Re: Margarete Petersen Study Group Proposal -- with or without the deck!

firemaiden said:
[*]Link to the Image: technically this requires going first to the grid view of all the cards, then clicking on the appropriate card in the grid, then clicking on that card to enlarge it, then selecting that url to paste in the post. (It doesn't work if you select the url any other way)

As the entire deck is on line for viewing at La Palma GALERIE these threads need not be limited to those who actually own the deck! Of couse, proselytiser that I am at heart, I hope that eventually many will buy this deck!

By the way, from fooling around at the website, I've found that there are two level of magnification possible. You can click on the nail-sized image to get a monitor-sized image, and then you can click on the monitor-sized image (which i believe is the one that firemaiden's links to) and get an image larger than monitor-sized. This really lets you look at details.

Rusty Neon

Firemaiden ... I was wondering if you could do a post on the 2 of Coins in the near future? That one has me fascinated. It has the ouroboros (à la the 2 of Coins from the Marseille and Thoth decks) and footprints (reminiscent of the dancing juggler in the RWS 2 of Pentacles and the rock-negotiating man in the Osho Zen 2 of Earth).

and even bigger at:

Rusty Neon

Firemaiden ... I just read your other thread. You mentioned that there are footprints on other Coins cards as well. That's too bad; don't need footprints everywhere, but they are interesting on the 2 of Coins. You can see that I don't own this deck and am only just beginning to visit the website.


Rusty Neon, I am thrilled that you are interested in this deck, especially if that means you will lend us you brain!

I am also honoured that the devil card was the recipient of your 666th post!!

Will do the 2 of coins a.s.a.p!

Rusty Neon

Thanks, firemaiden. Interestingly, the 2 of Coins is one of the first cards I like to look at when looking over a deck for the first time. That's me, I guess.


Am I too late??

Hello everyone!

I'm fairly new to Aeclectic's boards (I joined earlier last year for the trading board only), and I saw this study forum and would love to join in!!

But I see that you've gone over so many cards already. :( Is it too late for me to join you?

I introduced myself on the new members boards, but I'd like to say "hi" here as well. :) I've been studying tarot seriously for about 2 1/2 years, and my interest has not waned yet! I have somehow managed to collect close to 130 decks and about 25 oracles! :eek: Finally last month I admitted to being a collector and have managed to feel comfortable knowing how much money I've spent!

I live in South Florida with my terrific husband and two beautiful boys, aged 2-yrs-old and 5-yrs-old. I work as an accountant by day, mother by evening, and tarot enthusiast by night. I manage an MSN group, Tarot for Beginners, which takes up some of my time, and I'm trying desperately to put together my website, For the Love of Tarot, which I paid for six months ago. But time just seems to elude me.

I have several "gems" in my collection, and the Margarete Petersen Tarot is definitely one of them!! At first look the cards are deceiving; if you don't look very carefully, you will miss the depth of their symbolism. I have felt like I was at a disadvantage since I don't read German, so I'm thrilled to have found a group that can help me with that!

I look forward to joining you, even if there are only a few cards left.