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A quick realization

A week or two ago, I was super-impatient for my deck to arrive. Although I'm admittedly still eager to get it, in hindsight, I'm kind of glad that I have to wait a bit. Not having the whole deck right now is forcing me to s-l-o-w-l-y study each image, which would be harder to do if I had the entire deck to contemplate all at once. Anyone else feel this way?

Bat Chicken

Yes!!! :D As impatient as I am, I agree completely...

Laura Borealis

Thanks for organizing, Bat Chicken :) And congrats on getting your deck!

I was wondering if we could add the "Mary-el Tarot is Finished!" thread to the index, even though it is not in Study Groups? There is a lot of great discussion going on in that thread.

Bat Chicken

I was thinking the same thing... I'll run it by Sulis!

And my pleasure. I am so passionate about this deck! :)

Bat Chicken

I have added a few more threads up to the Hanged Man. I am accelerating a bit to get through the Majors before I read the book. I find those first impressions count for a lot. Hoping to add a few more threads over the next couple days... Perhaps finish the Majors by the end of the weekend? I know there is some excitement at handling the Minors with this deck! :)

Bat Chicken

The Majors in the Study Group are all posted!

So the plan is to study the Minors by number rather than by suit, beginning with the Aces. Everybody OK with that?


I'm planning to participate, as soon as I get my deck. According to Amazon, I should have it in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much for starting this.


General Tree question: What does it mean if the black pillar is on the right? The new site home page logo has it this way.


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Bat Chicken

Not sure if I can answer that question, but that site is very new! I posted the eights about 6 hours ago with links... I wonder if any of them work any more? :)

I wonder if we're looking from the other side of the pillars, making them switch?

ETA - So far, they links still work. :)