My first Gothic reading


Today I pulled the deck again, on impulse, when my sister asked me for a reading. She said the reading, which involved a coworker of hers I've never met) was dead on too :).

The more I use this deck, the more I like it....


ive had this deck for a few months, have always likes the vargo and monolith artwork anyway so was so excited when i got. although i must say just hadnt had a real oppertunity to play with it. but the other night i did my first actual reading and was extremely impressed and so happy. i am definetly going to be giving it more attention than i had. and i must admit been lurking around the section on the board covering the deck but now im going to explore it more. im glad everyone is enjoying this deck and we can all share. thanks


You are making me all curious! I think I will give it a try very soon and do my first Gothic reading. Probably a new deck spread.
Does this deck read different than your other (perhaps "lighter") decks?


When I read with some of my decks (Universal Waite, Hanson Roberts, Legend Arthur, and other theme decks) I find myself falling into "traditional" meanings and symbolism more often than not. It's one type of reading, kinda how I react to those decks' symbols.

When I read with other decks (Decameron, Drogi, Shapeshifter and Vargo), I push myself to use the cards imagery more and my intuition more, and may only fall into "traditional" interpretations if I'm going completely blank, or something.

So the difference, for me, isn't so much that the cards are dark, it's that I'm attempting to push my boundaries with the cards, and take a leap of faith more often than not.

It's a good deck for that, I'm finding.


Yippie, I just did my first Gothic reading and WOW! :) I already assumed that reading with this deck inquires a lot of intuition but that it is that much intuitive and talkable I didn't know. I have a feeling I will get along just fine with it. I did an easy three-card new deck spread and it went amazing! But what is really cool is that as last card (what will our relationship be like?) appeared The Moon which is one of my absolute favourites in this deck! And for me it made perfect sense in this position. I love this deck :D


I got my deck in the mail to!!! And after some cleaning rituals i asked about our relationship... I pulled the 5 of Penticles, Im still no so sure if this is a good thing. But inside i felt it was more good than bad. What do you think?


I'm glad you like the Gothic. Hm, the 5 of Pentacles for your relationship with the deck. It is a very predatory card showing a vampire driven by his instincts. Maybe it will help you to pay more attention to your instincts or helps you to discover instincts you didn't know about. That's what came to my mind ;)


Hmmm... i like that ideah


you know when I looked at the 5 of pentacles card i felt like an idiot... because i said that that was the relationship of me and my cards.. lol i was wrong.. i ment FOUR of pentacles... heh. Well anythoughts on what that means for the realtionship of me and my cards? The 4 of pentacles?


I've read myself with The Gothic, I've read people in the Reading Exchange, in the Seeker's threads, but I've never read someone who was present with me at the time of the reading... until tonight.

I've tried reading my mother, but she didn't like the deck and it never went further than that. My best friend spent the week-end in town with her husband, and she came to see me tonight. She's seen The Gothic before, told me it was pretty, but she was never read with it. She likes dark stuff like me, I was sure she was going to like it, and tonight proved it.

At first, she wasn't sure if she wanted to be read with The Gothic though, she just went through tough times: her and her husband just bought a house, they didn't have much furnitures and they had to buy some, so they have lots of debts, and she just lost her job. She was worried the dark deck would come up with dark readings, and she just wasn't in the mood for that. I told her to give the deck a try, she said OK.

I made a general spread, and came up with just one bad card in the reading. It put a smile on her face while I reassured her the dark deck came up with a good reading. She started liking the deck, and told me she wanted more readings, but not about the future, so I went looking for my book packed with spreads.

The first spread in it was about past lives. She was very enthousiastic about the spread and the cards, and she was surprisingly good: she's more into cartomancy than tarot. What I love with her is how intuitive she is, how much she participates in the readings, we always end up discussing about the cards, which we did tonight. And better, she clicked with The Gothic. We did the spread many times, and when her husband showed up to bring her back to his parents' place, he became our guinea pig. The readings were really good. She's not into tarot though, but into cartomancy, her knowledge of tarot is limited compared to mine, but she liked so much The Gothic that she said she was considering buying it, and getting into tarot, which she already knows a little.

What an evening!