My Personal Creed


I believe in God. I don't care that it's not fashionable unless you rename it Source, Divinity or 'The Universe'... I like 'God'... I like praying to my heavenly parent and I find that prayer enhances my work as a Seer.

When I was six years old, I had a massive out-of-body experience which took me to the heart of the cosmos. I have beheld the glory of God and been surrounded by angels. Squeezing back into 3D was hard but having had this experience was comforting.

It still comforts me. Death is not to be feared.

The Happy Squirrel

I think that is good. I do too. Funny enough I was just thinking about blogging this. About not wanting to be apologetic about it. As if I had done something wrong :)


What a lovely synchronicity :) Blessed be!

The Happy Squirrel

Blessed be!


You should never feel apologetic about your beliefs. No one should.

I, too, believe in God. If you want to talk unfashionable, try saying "I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour!" I get many a sideways look for that one. Haha! Don't care. Unapologetic. I've got to follow the path that I know is right for me. You and everyone should do the same. :)

PS...I've also seen the glory that is God and the angels. There are no words to describe it.

Blessings to you both!


Blessings to you EmpressArwen! I love Jesus Christ with all my heart :) And yes, everyone is entitled to their own faith... whether it be politically correct or not haha!


Good thread! I love the teachings of Jesus, also Buddha. I love to see temples, also Mosques with their crescent moon on top. My favourite are the temples of nature and the circles of the ancient ones.

I am not so keen on 'God' as in the old testement he is a rather angry character, keen on punishing. These days I prefer to talk about the Universe.

Yes, we are all free to express about our spirituality however we wish! What a great age to live in :)


I agree about Nature's own temples being the best place for worship. Blessed be!

The Happy Squirrel

I suppose I am lucky to have grown up in a culture where God is more like the universe than it is like an old white guy sitting on clouds :) the culture is steeped in mysticism and spiritualism. The idea of God there is less Greco-Roman or Judeo-Christian. Ironically (I don't know what I said that, maybe because of the climate that we are living in) the place has the most Muslim population in the world (it is NOT a Muslim country, it is a secular one) :)


God is still pretty fashionable lol.