Phantasmagoric - Knight of Cups

Little Baron

So, how did Tom Tom work within my day. You know, I am not that sure and that is what worries me somewhat. I am wondering if that 'little guy's' magic has been working in the background somewhere and I am going to see the outcome in events of the not so distant future. Besides, the day is not over yet. He still may raise that pretty little head yet!

My card for tomorrow is ...

The Knight of Cups - Howie

This knight and I have never been aquainted before and from the way in which he is standing with his head tilted back, I am not so sure he is pleased to see me.
What do I see? Well, as noted, his general posture could be perceived as a little arogant. Does this knight think he is better than me? The background of this room is pink and grey check. The floor is green. Howie stands infront wearing a black (cropped) top with a heart on it, some pink shorts and grey boots. There is an oversized coffee cup infront of him and two dice to his left. Howie has pulled his right arm behind his back and is holding his left arm with it. He has, what looks to be, a long spike peirced from under his lip.
There is a brown structure at the back of the green flooring. I can not tell if this is a chair and Howie is standing on the table, or if this is the top of a ladder.
On the wall are the numbers 2, 3, 7.

Graham Cameron says of this card -
"Welcome Howie, the Knight of Cups, to the table. Howie is impulsive, yet sensitive. When he feels his emotional needs calling he follows them, knowing that to ignore them will leave him feeling unfulfilled.
Howie, the Knight, knows how to have fun and flirt. He is artistic and represents the importance of letting go when we feel the need".

I can see elements of Howie in me. Being a water sign (Pisces), I can express myself emotionally; even though, unlike Howie, when these needs call, I don't always follow. Maybe there will be a situation tomorrow where I might need to reasess the way I respond to others and focus on letting go to make myself a little happier.

Jonathan Dee, in his book, 'Tarot', describes the traditional knight as a 'faithful lover or good friend, enthusiastic, passionate and amiable'. He says that this knight brings offers and opportunities. I do not have a lover at the moment, but if I did, Howie's offer of a chat and a 'large bottomless cup of coffee' is what I would want them to bring with them. I see this card as less of a lover and more of a friend. I do have a close friend who has been both the lover and the 'coffee bearer' and I wonder if this card is centred around them. At the moment, I am not 100% sure of the relevance. Why does Howie hold his arm like this? What is he holding himself back from? Does this card comment on the relationship that two friends have when their affection has been physical as well as that of a plutonic friendship. I may be seeing my friend tomorrow, or possibly, even tonight, since we have spoken on the phone.

I am not quite sure about the message of this card. There are points that 'ring true' for me but it is hard to define them properly; unlike my last three draws. I think that once I am in tomorrow, Howies energy may casually slip into the day, and by the evening, I would have understood him better.

Does anybody have anything to add to this? Does anybody know Howie a little better than I do? Do you see him as the person that you can never completely get close to and when there is just that little bit of an opening, he is off again, having fun, flirting and chasing his emotions in a different part of town?
For me, there is definitely an element of 'stand-offishness' here. Maybe even snobbery to some extent. He makes me feel that I am not so much part of this 'production' as I might want to be.

Thanks for listening.



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Big Cards, Big Heads

I was curious about these threads since no one seems to have ever devoted time to study on this deck.

BIG cards
Big Heads
Funny Names
Stories, and stories, and stories.

I used to be in a drama club. I played the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, one of the three wise men, and the narrator of The Haunting of Hill House. I also read poetry onstage and plucked flowers off the floor after funerals. We met in a church that had the only stage in town. I stopped when I became aware that group activities weren't a lot of fun (I think that was after a year of Girl Guides.)

I love the 2 of cups.

Everybody always goes on and on in reviews and comments about how hard bigger decks are to shuffle, so why shuffle them, try a new way, how about that? Sheesh, I love big cards.

Ah, look at their big heads.....just weird enough to appeal. Think of the stories one could tell--look at that big-headed person at the top of the stairs in the 6 of Swords.

Too bad I have no money.

Little Baron

Hey Freesiaskye!

Yes, I love the big heads as well ... and since we usually meet in the Rohrig forum, it is no surprise that we have a love for the 'larger' card.

Best wishes mate




Well, if I can track a deck down today the spouse might be agreeable to letting me spend $25 on this.

Normally I don't like cute decks at all but he's got these characters and stories. I'm thinking of doing a collage with Tom-Tom trying his hand at gardening for a change. You know, Mother Nature tames the Naughty One, and gives him a focus in life.

How could he be interested in stealing toys when he's got a shiny new spade and trowel? Guys always prefer tools to toys, it's a well known fact.

Guys with big heads like this generally like a lot of attention too so maybe he'll get into sculpture and create a few statues and welded thingies in the garden and people will stop to visit him and chat and talk about their automated toy collections. Not just toys but automated toys.

See, his whole gardening thing has broadened his horizons and he can learn without theft and maybe pick up women who have teddy collections and he can learn about bears and growlie things inside their chests and then of course he's bound to meet someone with a Barbie collection. They'll need some landscaping done, so he'll go to the house and have a personally conducted tour of the Barbie collection and maybe some German chocolate cake and lemonade while sussing out the subtle differences in the Ken doll over the years, and she'll get a lovely yard and wonder why she never noticed this guy with the huge, fat head around town before.

Big heads don't cut it unless you have a trade. Mower power, that's the ticket.

Little Baron


Seriously, when you get into it, it isn't that cute. Sure, there are some lovely little bald heads with sprouting tufts of hair and loveable grins, but there is an element of the psychotic about the whole thing, which is probably why I like it! It's so different from my other decks which is why it is a dream to walk through. The Rohrig, is so dreamlike, vivid and powerful, as you know. This one has a different edge. I think you would like it in here!

I will leave you with a few bald tufty heads to wet your appetite. If you want to see any cards from the deck, let me know and I will post them up for you.

Best wishes


(detail from the 9 of Cups)


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Little Baron

And another one ...

Another Bald Tufty Head to get you in the mood, Freesiaskye!

(I think I am losing my mind!)

(detail from Judgment -20)


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Little Baron

A maniac for your pleasure ...

And finally, a complete psychopath!

Look forward to talking to you soon.

Best wishes


(detail from the 6 of Swords)


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Yes Freesiaskye you need this deck LOL
BUt i might be a little bias ;)

Oke yaboot lett me see were i can come up with concerning Howie.

The thing he has growing from his chin always makes me think of those lonf overgrown mustaches that some man wear in a curl. You know what i mean? This singles for me that Howie is a little idel, and that he is a big charmer.
But it also looks a bit like an antenna, like some bugs have. I think this means that he is very sensitive for the enegery that hangs around people or spaces. And he is also the kind of person that can feel what you feel, in a matter of speaking.

The big boots always make me think of how hard it is to stay grounded. Howie found his own wayfor doing this ;)

And the nakes belly makes me think that he is very intouch with his emotions and show/s them to the world. For the belly is the place most emotions are felt.

Well just my nonsens probebly ;)


Ps I love discusing this deck!
And i'm glad you can put up these great scan's i wish i had a scanner


We Need More Stories Like This in the World

Well, she had it in stock at the tarot store so I bought it, it was fate. I was looking back at older threads and I remember a couple of people posted something about finding this unbearably cute and I went to look at it and thought much the same, but I didn't realize that Graham Cameron had put this much effort into the characters and story until I read your recent threads. The guy has an unbelievable imagination, which makes him appealing to me.

I might as well tell you up front, I am Madame Lola. I am Madame Lola in every deck no matter what they call her, and I am pleased to see that in this deck I have a lovely ginger tabby cat on the 4 of Swords. That is my favourite kind of cat. But you know, Graham says "Be careful when approaching her, as her time is precious" in the LWB--these archetypes are spooky sometimes for that is exactly the sort of thing that bugs me, and I'm always interested on each deck author's particular take on an archetype.

Skimming through the LWB I am muchly impressed with his turn of phrase and characterization. I am leaning toward the 9 of Wands--The Plasicine Junky as my favourite character. Look at that name.

What about this line:
"Inhabitants of Water Cup Desert gather around a broken cup, but do not allow themselves to be sad."

"Say hello to Fizzy, the Queen of Cups."

I absolutely loved this one for the 7 of Cups:

"Scoop realizes his days of being glove puppet master in Water Cup Desert are limited. He is faced with emotional confusion. His most loyal fan, "X", the box toy, wishes him to stay. But Scoop is realistic and knows his priorities. Using his dreams constructively, he has decided to head for the Theme Parks."

Graham Cameron is a genius, and Maan hiding him away like that and not telling us! Come on, how could any resist this completely delightful story?

The Earth Coin Village, Water Cup Desert, Fire Wand Circus, and the Air Sword Labyrinth beckon you. Mr. Dimp agrees with me that time is precious.

Maan, I guess you're going to have more company than you thought, but I am hopelessly lost right now as far as the characters go.
Wandering off to lay cards out on a table somewhere.............


Re: We Need More Stories Like This in the World

freesiaskye said:
Maan, I guess you're going to have more company than you thought, but I am hopelessly lost right now as far as the characters go.
Wandering off to lay cards out on a table somewhere.............

Well, Lola ;) I certainly don't mind the compagny. It was kindda lonely....BTW you can cal me Polly LOL

I'm glad you like it so much as i do. And your right that guy has the most incredible imagination..i wish i knew him.
He does not even have his own website. Atleast i can't find it.
I would love to do an interview with him for aeclectic..or just for me ;)

a very happy