Psychosomatic Spread


Hi guys, I'm looking for a spread that gives insights about possible psychosomatic causes of health problems.
Can you help me?


Hi Elena,

this is the area of the spreads index about health here have a browse!
some suggestions from me....

The Health Cross Spread - this is a spread for finding out about an illness
Health Problems Spread - insights on problems

I would do a spread like that which is general and ask about what is going on. Then I would look at cards which might show psychosomatic illness, that is quite tricky and if you find that hard you might want to get feedback from other people on here by posting the reading in the Your Readings section. I would look out for the cards Moon, High Priestess, 9 of Swords, 8 of Swords, 5 of Cups (maybe), there is other cards as well but look out if it looks like mental health or a physical health problem. obviously don't use the reading instead of getting medical advice from a real Doctor and hope that can help you! There is a thread here of suggested health attributes to the cards but you have to work out your own ideas really that fit you. Most illnesses are a mixture of many factors I believe, physical and psychosomatic, good luck with working it all out for you and hope that helps.


Hi danieljuk, thanks for your advice.
I agree, tarots are not meant to diagnose a disease/illness, doctors should do that :D
I'll take a look at the spreads and links you posted here and then I'll apply my intuition :)
Thanks again :)