Robin Wood - The Chariot 7


I don't know why. But it does not matter which deck I use, I have a lot of problems reading this card. It has gotten to the point where I dread this card coming up.

What y'all have posted makes sense. but I guess i get a kind of negative view on these cards. When I look at this card..I get the impression of someone not watching where they are going. "charging forward with a happy go go lucky whatever may happen" kind of attitude. I'lol have to try and remember y'alls thoughts on this card next time it comes up in a reading.


I pull this card a lot.... Usually it comes up when people ask if they should take a vacation or should they get a new car or something like that... So I uaually take that as yes and yes when this card comes up. lol


LOL..that is a very neat physical interpretaion of the car. HOw about if they just want a new car. I could do with a Minivan. *dream building*


Robin Wood's "Chariot" has a way of being where the action is in my spreads dealing with my husband. Not surprising, since my husband is a jazz musician and ethnomusicologist. Plus, my husband's demeanor is not unlike Robin's depiction of the man in the driver's seat AND, although not a blonde, wears his hair long. Still, it's almost uncanny how often the Chariot appears in my husband's spreads!

I've heard from other Tarot readers and enthusiasts that Robin's card is often their favorite "Chariot." It's rich with symbolism, like all her cards, and generally not unpleasant in overall feel. That said, a ride on that Chariot would and/or could be the ride of a lifetime, considering the guy holds no reins on those feisty, perhaps unpredictable, unicorns as they travel amongst the clouds. The eyes of the unicorns have an other-worldly quality to them...seeing what I can't see...yet. Maybe the unicorns are taking us to places we've not yet discovered, earthly or otherwise. No matter what, I'm often reminded to leave my fears and inhibitions at home as I enjoy the ride.

Often I'm drawn to the yin-yang symbol, making me question whether balance is needed or already in place.

And usually most noticeable to me is the *starry, starry night* cloth enveloping the driver. This is a guy not fearful, but instead at home with the cosmos and its secrets. One can sometimes learn just as much being in the passenger seat, instead of always being the driver.


the Chariot

I like this card, it's a very pleasent card for me... i just start smiling! :)

Victory and success for me it's the strong meaning.

I saw a movie once, can't remember the name i was to young, but the image of this card made me remind it very clearly!!!
There was a roman messenger going to Cesar (i guess), and it was just like in this card. He was being announced by some girls by his side playing harps and one in the back sending some flowers to the air.
So, i believe that it also may mean an important message will arrive.

The use of the unicorns is a detail that i really like! It's an mithological animal associated with purity and strenght, that can only be controled by a maiden. So, i also agree this means the abilitie to control opposing forces and to "win" on dificult questions.


After having "perused" the Lovers, I think this is a nice continuation. Having found the balance in Lovers, he now merrily takes of in a new direction, a new start. I feel this is a new start, as there's nothing behind him and because of the drape he cannot even look back, if he wanted that to begin with. But I don't think he wants that at all, he's so happy and enthusiastic about what he's doing! He wants to get on with it!
I also feel this bit about not seeing the world around him, could imply that he's (temporarily) focussed on himself. (this can be either positive or negative)
I never really understood the warning in this card, but now I do. Being so overly enthusiastic can also make you trip so you fall from your heavenly high and land flat on your face!
In that sense like an advice to enjoy what you've achieved, but still pay attention to what's going on around you. The horses don't look like they're very docile, more like fiery thoroughbreds. He's not holding any reins, too busy being happy, and if he lets this go on for too long, he might lose control of the horses and chariot, meaning his new start will come to an unexpected and unpleasant end. So enjoy your victory, but don't remain "high" for too long!



Guess i missed the "advice" part of this card..

"Being so overly enthusiastic can also make you trip so you fall from your heavenly high and land flat on your face!"

I agree!
Thanks for the eye opener Ravenne!


Hi Moonson

Well, I never thought about this
i believe that it also may mean an important message will arrive.
So I will add that to my notes as I also see that as a good option :)




Emeraldgirl said:
I love that this chariot is pulled by unicorns. It really does show a huge exercise of will to control these beasts. Particually if there is a man driving the chariot. A maiden was reputed to be the only person who could control the unicorn otherwise they would savage everyone who gets to close. The fact that they are pulling the chriot suggests that they have somhow been subdued and an almost impossible victory over them achived.

since when are unicorns beasts? sorry as a unicorn lover i know they are the most gentle beings ever. they are animals that have evolved to the heavenly planes.


GeorgiePorgie said:
May I interrupt with a "something" from Robin Wood herself?

She says in her book (Robin Wood Tarot: The Book) that he is controlling the unicorns by the harp.."through song, love and harmony: not through brute force."

OH that reminds me of peter sterling he is an amazing harpist there is a youtube video where he is inside a boat and playing the harp and the dolphins (many many ) follow the boat. so he is controlling them through his talent,love and harmony :)