Robin Wood - The Chariot 7


CelticGirl said:
If you look towards the back there is a cloud of dust like they are traveling fast. I get the idea of joyriding, crusing, singing...having a good ol' time. He's smiling and singing and the unicorns look happy, yet in control.

That's it! Cruisin'! Just like hubby and me when we take trips...

I never thought of all that, since in general so many people find the Chariot to be a warning about travel or cars. But this is truly the most joyful Chariot I know.


"Ride Captain Ride, upon your mystery ship,
Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip.
Ride captain ride upon your mystery ship,
On your way to a world that others might have missed."*​

I awaken, as if from a dream... or perhaps I have now just entered the dream time. I see a young man before me. He has longish blond hair, and his smile is joyous as he strums a harp and sings a beautiful tune. He is standing within a carriage, beneath a canopy filled with stars upon a many blue hued background. The out side of this drape is a lush purple. It must be a dream; it's so other worldly, multi-dimensional.

This man is dressed in a blue and gold royal robe, with armor covering his upper body, of alternating gold and silver panels, with a badge of the Sun emblazoned upon it, over his heart. He wears a silver single ringed crown, with a green gem set so it rests against his forehead; perhaps at the 3rd eye level.

It all beckons me to climb aboard and soar through the Cosmos, with this young man as my guide. As I approach, it does not escape my attention that the two magical creatures which are harnessed to the golden chariot are Unicorns; one a black beauty, with a silver horn and a billiant green eye. The halter around her neck, a silver etched with crescent moons and symbols of Venus, speak of the feminine aspect, mated to her partner, a pure white Unicorn with a golden horn, and golden halter, only the etchings depict his masculine aspect, showing suns and the symbol of Mars. He gazes at me through equally green eyes. They, like the Yin/Yang symbol which can be seen between them, set into the carriage, convey perfect balance. Above the black and white ornament on the front of the Chariot, is a pair of white wings, with a blue (perhaps star sapphire?) stone.

I step up into the Chariot and settle into place, waiting for this 'star ship of the imagination' to lift off and bring me to the endless possibilities which lay ahead.

*Song for The Chariot: Ride Captain Ride by Blues Image