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Sun Sign: ARIES
Degree: 1
Number: 1



BY LYNDA HILL 360 Degrees of Wisdom -

Aries 1 A Woman has Risen out of the Ocean, A Seal is Embracing her.
New understandings and awareness are coming to light. Something new is emerging and it needs to be welcomed and nurtured. This is the beginning of a whole new impulse, creative and responsive. There's an emergence of a whole new potentiality. Resist looking back to outgrown and unsatisfactory conditions as they can pull you back to old and unrewarding ways of being.
Beginnings. Emergence of the feminine into concrete manifestation. Cycles beginning. The beginning of spring. Confidence in a whole new arena of being.
The Caution: Using the masculine drive to overshadow the emotions. Refusing to move into a new state of being because one is held back by previous life conditions.

By Dr Marc E Jones The Sabian SYmbols in Astrology
Aries 1 A woman rises out of water, a seal rises and embrases her - a symbol of unconditional potentiality..... key word REALISATION.

Numerology 1
Beginning, New, Start, Potential, unity etc, so I just got a copy paste of a basic numerology 1 from wilipedia...

One is the first number used when counting and therefore it is considered to have great power; without it there would be no numbering system as we know it. It is often seen as the origin of all things and represents perfection, absolute, and deity in monotheistic faiths. One can be happy, loving, romantic, dynamic and charismatic, but on the downside it can be egotistical, selfish and melodramatic, individualistic, obstinate and alone. One is the origin, the beginning. Gaea. The Bang. The Word. FROM

Colour as from - 0° Aries 780nm #610000 (black)
Colour for Aries - RED


So, in readings I usually get this symbol when the person has a GREAT idea, like for a book a patent or new way of living.. it seems to be bringing up ideas and new forms from the unconscious..

With people who have this in their natal chart (this is a bit fluffy here cause IM not defining by planet or house) but they do have psychic abilitiies at the least a great and 'known' creative talent AND they are emotional.... sometimes not seeing past themselves or their current issue in life.

I also like to describe this symbol as 'MER-ENERGY' mer-maid or mer-men, so it implicates water swimming nature healing etc.



In Sabian Symbols as an Oracle - Lynda Hill - there is a beautiful commentary and imagery of the Selkies. Spirits who had drowned could, on the full moon, return to shore, shedding their seal skin and become mortal again.

Aries cusping Piscies heralds the new year - a new beginning.

I also find that this Symbol pertains to the individual Spirit. A time where thoughts about a matter have come to a conclusion, or a healing had taken place and a person may be ready to step back into the celebrations of life.

Changes and realizations have taken place and they are prepared to cross the threshold back to a new existance, and because the woman is 'rising' (out of the ocean) the Symbol prompts me to visualize leaving one level to obtain one level higher.

Possibly a move into a new area of work, a new and different environment to live, new culture. Coming form the water (or the emotional aspects) to walk the earth (material physical).

Other keywords for me are - birthing, re-birth, self-acceptance, being helped 'ashore', emerging into the light, fresh air, cleansed and revived, salt, Venus, Persophone, vision quest, resolve, waves.

My Symbol heading: From the Ocean She Arises, a Seal Embraces Her - Elven.


Sabian Symbols Quintile technique
This technique will give you an interesing symbolic insight on a symbols influence and pattern.

A woman has risen out of the ocean, a seal is embracing her.
World famous pianist giving a concert performance.
A large camel crossing a vast and forbidding desert.
Deep-sea divers.
A child of about five carrying a huge shopping bag filled with groceries.


I just thought I might add here some links which contains info about the myth of the selkies - those who shed their skins and rise from the oceans to take human form.

Orkneyjar - The Selkie Folk of Orkney Folklore said:
"As soon as the seal was clear of the water,
it reared up and its skin slipped down to the sand.
What had been a seal was a white-skinned boy"
George Mackay Brown - 'Pictures in the Cave'

Elven x


Part of Body: Cerebrum - From Solarfire


MCsea said:
Part of Body: Cerebrum - From Solarfire

From the Concise Medical Dictionary 4th Edition.
The Cerebrum is responsible for the initiation and coordination of all voluntary activity in the in the body and for governing the functioning of the lower parts of the nervous system... It is the most highly developed part of the brain, composed of two cerebral hemispheres, seperated from each other by the longitudinal fissure in the middle.

Elven x


Karmic Symbol for Aries 1:
Pisces 30 - A Majestic Rock Formatio Resembling a Face is Idealized by a Boy Who Takes it as His Ideal of Greatness, as He Grows Up, He Begins to Look Like It.

Quest Symbol for Aries 1:
Aries 2 - A Comedian Entertaining a Group of Friends.

The Opposite Symbol for Aries 1 is
Libra 1 - A Butterfly Preserved and Made Perfect With a Dart through it.

Symbols in tension with Aries 1:
Cancer 1 -
On a Ship the Sailors Lower the Old Flag and Raise the New One.

Libra 1 - A Butterfly Preserved With and made perfect with a dart through it.

Capricorn 1 - An Indian Cheif Claims recognition and Power from the Assembled tribe.

Sabian Symbols 72 degrees apart from Aries 1 (the Five Pointed Star)

Gemini 13 - A World famous Pianist Giving a Concert Performance.

Leo 25 - A Large Camel Crossing a Vast and Forbidding Desert.

Scorpio 7 - Deep Sea Divers with special Machinery.

Capricorn 19 - A Child of About Five Carrying A Huge shopping bag Filled with Groceries.