Sabian Symbols Study Group: Aries Degree 1 - #1



Suggested -
Element Obsidian
Discussion: Obsidian is a volcanic glass, it can form for example from lava flowing into a body of water. Usually it is a shiney black/grey colour much like an idealised wet seal. Typically Obsidian is a protective stone, protecting the gentle.
The Look, Spirit, Colour and energy of Obsidian feel right to me.


So as not to lose everything on this one like I did yesterday :eek: will have to edit and add in - plus I left my notes at home today :mad:, so this is purely from memory (yes, yes, I like to add in my disclaimers :D)

MCsea said:
With people who have this in their natal chart (this is a bit fluffy here cause IM not defining by planet or house) but they do have psychic abilitiies at the least a great and 'known' creative talent AND they are emotional.... sometimes not seeing past themselves or their current issue in life.

This to me is very linked into the element mentioned ..... Obsidian. I wear an apache tear of Obsidian (rarely take it off). It's very black and shiny ...... yet when held up to the light ..... turns opaque. Scrying mirrors are usually made from obsidian rather than other crystals I believe. Brought to mind the thought of *peering into that which is normally unseen*.

Don't know if that thought is actually of any use ..... but there you go :bugeyed:


Apologies if duplicating ..... just some thoughts on the words :)

Aries 1 A Woman has Risen out of the Ocean, A Seal is Embracing her.
Fire sign ........ number 1 ..... equates to the Magician ...... pure energy ...... masculine energy ....... yet the title is feminine ...... rising from the depths of the ocean ..... deep subconscious aspects ...... perhaps the merging of the masculine and feminine? A thought too of transformation ...... water to land ..... an evolutionary process ..... perhaps this is the embryonic stage? Like the aces in tarot ...... seeds, possibilities ...... taking the first faltering steps.

With Pisces 30 behind ...... again leaving water behind .... a moving on from pure emotional status ...... moving from feeling to doing. Pisces also being twin fish ...... again a nod to duality and 30 .... Empress/Fool ...... nurturing and nourishing enough of the self to start a new journey?

With the title of the Karmic sign however I see a moulding ... rising up through the water perhaps also denoting a shedding ...... as we move through life so we change ..... including our perceptions, our idealisations ....... to let go of the old, taking that which is necessary for the energetic journey ahead, but also releasing that which is no longer needed?


The Cerebrum

Oh my! This is exciting!! Thank you huredriel! I was thinking of the brain and its relation to Aries the other day. I didn’t want to upset the sequence and figured I would discuss it at a later date.

The cerebrum or neocortex is actually divided into two hemispheres, spiritually it represents largely the mind (mental) knowledge – ‘from language up to opinion and world conception’. It’s most basic potential is responsiveness, ‘to take the lead in reacting to the environment’. Its role is the "Facilitator" who takes action, questions, argues, even fights,……it helps each of us find our unique potential and it also helps to resolve conflicts. Its energy feels and is…..’becoming aware of the physical totality. In Shamanism its direction is South West and its Power is the ‘Nature Spirits’!!!!

If we look at Man’s Temple, the human organism, here’s what we see spiritually:

The solar (soular) plexus….the great central sun which the Subconscious Mind uses and operates to evolve……to discover individual consciousness:
1. The upper brain (cerebrum); "The Most High", or Universal Father, which furnishes substance for all functions that constitute the body.

2. The Spiritual Ego ("I AM") resident in the cerebellum.

3. The Son of God, the redeeming seed or Jesus, born monthly in the solar plexus.

4. Soul, the fluids of the body.

5. Flesh, bone, etc., the fluids materialized. (In a broader sense body also is termed soul.

Can you see the connection here and this symbol?

I hope everyone has heard of the hippocampus….it comes from the Greek words hippo (horse) and campus “(sea creature)”. This is because the two structures, one on the right and the other on the left, are the size and shape of a little sea horse.

A major function of the hippocampus is its role in memories concerned with emotions such as scents and of things past. Over and around the corpus callosum, that unites the two halves of the cerebrum, are the cingulate gyrus.

Each cingulate gyrus plays a prominent role in regulating the autonomic nervous system, which adjusts blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, the size of the pupils, and other bodily, or psychosomatic, responses that accompany emotional feelings and reactions.

I hope I didn’t bore you to tears here! My thesis or project was on the brain!!! That’s why when Simone showed us her own created tarot cards, they right away triggered something in my brain….they really are fantastic Simone.

tink :love:


Just a added timbit!! Huredriel see how your intuition has seen this beautiful animal, the Seal.

Keynote for seal (from Animal-Speak) "active imagination, creativity, lucid dreaming.

Cycle of power: Year round.

Ted Andrews says:

"If a seal or sea lion has shown up as a totem, it is time to do some questioning. Are you getting out of balance? Has the imaginative faculty opened so much that you are not staying grounded? Are you listening to things and people you shouldn't? Are you not listening to that which you should? Are you listening to the inner voice (especially in the case of a seal totem)? Are you following the words of others rather than your own?

Both the seal and sea lion are associated with water. They spent great amounts of time in and around it. Water is the creative element. It is a symbol of the feminine, the emotional, the imaginative, and the dreamtime. When these animals show up, you can expect your dreams to become even more vivid and significant. Pay attention. Much of what you are dreaming and imagining may have a strong basis in reality - no matter how far-fetched.

Oh, and he also says that seals come out of the water for mating. They always bear their young on land. This he says is very significant, as "it reflects the ability to bring the creative force out from the inner and set in motion in the outer!"



I didn't know that tink ....... I would have automatically assumed that seals mated in the water :bugeyed:

One thing I had written down but not brought in yesterday, was that with this being a fire sign, and so much water around ........ perhaps this is also indicative of those two elements coming together ......... creating steam ...... an impetus, an internal drive forward ........ yet steam can also obscure the vision ....... as with all new starts, the way forward may not be clear to begin with.

The Opposite Symbol for Aries 1 is
Libra 1 - A Butterfly Preserved and Made Perfect With a Dart through it - and this is also in tension with it ....... to me the words here make me think of being still ...... the butterfly is still ....... the poor thing is pinned down ....... I believe butterflies can indicate transformation ........ so perhaps this is a blockage ..... or necessary step in the self's evolution..... that needs to be worked through before moving on to the next step? Looking for perfection perhaps ........ Libra is of balance ........ I have a Libran south node ....... so one of the things I think of with Libra is of being a *pleaser* ....... trying to keep others happy ....... when embarking upon a new journey ...... sometimes others are not so happy with us for doing so ....... they have to get used to us changing ........ and we have to get used to standing up for ourselves ...... and also to be able to let go of our perceptions and *old ways* ..... which I think ties in with the karmic symbol here.


More musings ;)

Symbols in tension with Aries 1:
Cancer 1 - Libra 1 - Capricorn 1

On a Ship the Sailors Lower the Old Flag and Raise the New One.
Water, cardinal water at that ....... fresh new emotions ...... ships sail across water ...... perhaps the outward shell of our selves as we set off on a new journey? The flags .... make me think of the sails ...... and of the mast ..... however I see this as helping to navigate, to harness the wind (air) in order to move forwards ..... for a new journey, perhaps lowering the old rather ragged one (aka letting go of the old stuff) and raising a new fresh version ........ because to go on a new journey, especially across sea ....... the ragged old one wouldn't be able to flow quite as easily with the air would it? As a mast as opposed to a sail ...... (I think I have the wording right) ..... this would be an emblem signifying who was the owner of the ship ...... again signifying the change of self.

So with the change above, linked into what I felt about the Libra symbol ....... a status quo almost (makes me think of 2 swords actually ... a stalemate) ...... a need to change ..... yet being pinned down and trying to work out how to move forward. Progression being very slow indeed.

Capricorn 1 - An Indian Cheif Claims recognition and Power from the Assembled tribe.
Not too sure what images this conjures up for me actually ...... power and authority yes ........ yet claiming recognition jars ..... standing in front of one's people ...... perhaps double-edged? ....... On the plus side .... being able to recognise own self-worth and not cringe when given the recognition freely ...... and on the other ...... the ego self needing the recognition and demanding it ...... or trying to live up to it ....... again that aspect makes me think of the *pleaser* attitude ........ it can be harder to receive than to give ....... depending upon the individual's journey along the self-validation route. Capricorn to me as the goat however is tenacious ...... sturdy ....... very stubborn LOL ..... and will get where they're going in the end ...... perhaps as this sign is in tension with Aries 1 ..... indicative of sometimes making the journey harder for one's self than there is need to?

Or am I going way off track with this?


You guys are awesome - I love the way you have made such a interesting and full expansion of this Symbol - it makes so much sense and has so much depth! WOW!! Thankyou so much! One symbol and such insight and intuition, Im seeing it in its full light - the Symbols are looking brand new!!

Many Blessings
Elven x


Quest Symbol for Aries 1:
Aries 2 - A Comedian Entertaining a Group of Friends.

I'm having trouble with this one ....... just doesn't seem to flow ......... mind I expect quest symbols to be those at the end of one's journey ........ which to my mind means it's gonna be a hard slog to get there. Just in case I'm using the wrong frame of mind here ....... am kinda going along the basis of Karmic being like your natal south node ...... and Quest being like your natal north node!

A joker ........ the clown in our midst ....... often has a good sense of humour ....... and when with friends, are of like-minded individuals ....... a safe circle? Entertaining then ...... perhaps using their *knowledge* or skill ...... to share with others ..... to bring happiness to others' lives .... to lighten them?

Yet also 2 brings to mind the High Priestess ...... the inner secrecy ...... perhaps a state of being where one has gained knowledge ...... been through many trials ..... and keeps the pain inside ...... using the *clown* aspect to mask such stuff? Could be used as a deflection?

It seems almost the very opposite of Aries 1 ........ the flow and gentleness that comes from the title of a woman and seal embracing :(


HI there, thank you so much for the extra detail!

A quick note on the 'quest' of Aries 1 being Aries 2 - a couple of ideas,
physical embrace - aries 1 -- Emotional embrace Aries 2 ?
Clowns are very they often drredge up from the collective unconscious what we potentially fear or worry about and make us laugh about it,

A powerful archetype the clown - or the fool helps us explore the unknown (refelcted in aries 1 - sea of unconscious) in a light external - extravert way.
I might add more about clowns to the Aries 2 thread