Sabian Symbols Study Group: Aries Degree 16 - #16


Been away from the study group for a while *pouts* ..... but trying to get back & spend a little time here.

Since the lighting seems to be muted for this symbol a thought of how the brownies like to play at night, when mortals are asleep ......... and this seems to be how they like to be seen by me ..... when I'm asleep, the little sods :p ..... dream weavers indeed ........ very often leaving some vague message I must decipher upon waking ...... yet since I dream every night, been wondering how to work out what is a message and what isn't ........ I'm kinda leaving it at the moment that if I remember it a few days later, or it plays constantly on my mind ..... it's a brownie message. Oh and playful isn't quite the description I'd give them so far ........ maddening, frustrating, intriguing are on my list however ;)


This was my draw today - and as the Brits say, "Spot on!"

Your intuitive powers are at a real high but your physical energy may not be. You may be tired and in need of help to get everything, or even anything, done.
That's me - just ask Elven.
There's invisible assistance in accomplishing one's work. You are being guided and protected.
I think so. It was nice to "read" it though.

I had forgotten, these many months, just how informative these symbols can be. Because they don't come with patent images we make our own. BUT - I am enjoying the ones Purp_Scorp has been posting!!

Much to think on - and much to do today.
I have the house to myself all day - so want to see how much I can get done. Not getting it done sitting here at the 'puter. So -- I'm off! ...... *poof*