Santeria – Yaguó [Page of Pentacles]


A yaguó is a new initiate; one who “makes the saint”, or takes the first steps into Santeria. This card shows the yaguó working with the guerreros (warrior spirits). She holds their symbols in her hands as she works with them:

--iron pot: Oggun, orisha of battle
--rooster atop gourd: Osun (Osain), orisha of wild plants and herbal medicines. Also alerts when there is danger.
--arrow: Ochosi, the hunter
--head of Eleggua: orisha of open doors and crossroads

The yaguó is blindfolded; she uses her other senses and doesn’t rely on what can be seen and is obvious. The doorway in front of which she stands is purple  psychic portal, intuition, door to the Other Side). She stands in front of an aqua wall (symbolizes water, fluidity, emotion?).

I tend to interpret this card as the “battling demons” card; when someone is working on their personal demons/issues.


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