Serious Group Work Index Thread


Fellow Fae Lovers,

This is a master index to see which Groups are currently running are in sign up state or have passed. I'll keep it updated.

Remember, with all serious group work the purpose is to do serious work, so please remember to participate, advise and help your group!

Healing Group
Sign ups for the first group 27th till 3rd of June ~ Starring the Rarr!
The Rarr ~ Group 1 ~ 4rd June - 18th of June
The Rarr ~ Group 2 ~ 4rd June - 18th of June

Ongoing thread for Global Healing

Shadow Work Group
Sign ups for the first group 3rd of June - 10th of June ~ Starring Ta'Om!
Ta'Om ~ Group 1 ~ 11th of June - 25th of June

Psychic Development Group

Spiritual Growth Group

More groups can be added. If you have an idea for a group please PM me.



The first group on the Healing Theme will start tomorrow, signups are also up for the second group with Shadow Work as theme.

Remember, if you have any good themes you wish to have considered or done, please PM me or post at the 'Serious Group work with the Fae' thread