"Spirited Away" Tarot - Here's my latest obsession!


I haven't see this movie but I LIKE the idea! These cards would be nice.


"Ask and you shall receive", Blue_Fusion!

(Of course, I'd already had this card done, so I can't give you all the credit. ;) Upright is basically Chihiro looking over the bridge at the train, just before Haku catches her. The Reverse is her first look over the bridge, and maybe she's leaning over a bit farther than she should...? She didn't fall, but it's still foolish! ;) )




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Here's one of my favorite Upright/Reverse combos -- the Sixth Wood*, which shows Chihiro running down the stairs towards the boiler room at the beginning. (it's hard to see, but the reverse shows Chihiro after she's slammed face-first into the wall at the bottom of the stairs! :D )

* I'm trying Ordinal numbers instead of Cardinal numbers ('Sixth' instead of 'Six') to see how it looks. I'll have to give Ravenswing all the credit for that idea, since I just read his thread on his Gematria Tarot, for which he came up with that idea! Props to Ravenswing! :D

* Each of the numbered minors has a subtitled kind of keyword, but the keyword is the same for each number across all five suits:

Ace - no keyword
Two - Duality
Three - Community
Four - Rest
Five - Conflict
Six - Re-Action
Seven - Building
Eight - Self-Determination
Nine - Anticipation
Ten - Legacy

The more I think about this deck, the more I think I should call it an "Oracle Deck based on Tarot" rather than a Tarot Deck, since I'm making so many structural changes.



P.S. Thanks, ros!


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These cards are just awesome, Melvis!

Such a winding, delightfully dreamlike movie...and you have translated it beautifully into tarot!

I particularly like the style of having the duel images on each card to represent reversals.

Very very cool! I am excited to see more!


Thanks, Chronata!

Here's another one, the Hanged Man, which I have labeled, "Sacrifice".

Many of the cards I'm doing seem to show a before-and-after or cause-and-effect relationship between upright and reversed, so you can almost talk about both views when reading with the cards.




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I wonder, would her parents qualify as the Devil card? It was their lack of self control that got them turned into pigs when they sat down to eat at the magic food counter.


Okay, you guys are too good! :D

HG, you nailed the Devil, you devil! }) Upright shows them actively partaking of their downfall and have turned into pigs, while reversed shows them when they've fallen asleep afterwards, basically giving up on their life as humans, and on their daughter, for that matter!

I kind of breathe a sigh of relief when someone suggests a card exactly the way I plan to picture it...it validates my interpretations, at least in my own head.

Here's the Devil!




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I'd love to say that magnificent paddle boat was the Chariot, but I'm afraid I'd actually look to the elevator for that card.


The complete set of books has a 52 card deck

as a giveaway, but the scenes are successive, not really assigned well in courts, etc.

I believe the Tori Gate (entrance to the Park), the Dark Tunnel, the Train of Shadows...these might equate to the more mysterious cards. The Hopping Lantern...is that the Hermit?

Big Baby turned into Little Mouse...the three hopping Daruma...


The Japanese radish is called Daikon. It's considered a very humorous shape and a bad folksy observation to a young girl would be if they were told their legs were shaped like that large root.

If her journey is to walk through the majors, I can see you have lots of examples to enjoy.

Have fun.

Mari H.

Major Tom

Hiya Melvis, The cards look fabulous. :)

Have you thought about contacting the producers of the film(s) for permission to use their characters for publication or this 'a just for you' project?