Spread to recognise mistreatment


Hi all, I wrote about what we accept in our lives, is what we get and here’s a spread to find out what you could do to avoid being mistreated or mistreating anyone.

What am I accepting from others I shouldn’t? [note: you can pull 1-3 cards for this one to get more answers, one is not necessarily enough] QUEEN OF WANDS.

I read this to mean – nothing, really. I am who I am, I know it and I’m happy to live my truth and passion; I’m not letting anyone undermine or hinder it.

What can I do to change it? 7 CUPS.

I can always dream and imagine, and be mindful of all the options life’s giving me. This seems to be more of a reminder about how to live as Queen of Wands, a person fully embracing her inner drive to experience life and direct her focus to what matters – things that make her passionate.

What do I do to others I shouldn’t? HIEROPHANT.

Preach and believe that my truth is the only truth. Touche. Yes, that’s what I easily do and I need to remember that everyone has their own unique viewpoint and lessons learned in life, I shouldn’t behave in a one-way-manner and expect I’m the one holding “the truth”.

How to change this? JUSTICE.

Examine the evidence put in front of you in a just, fair manner – don’t assume you already know the truth, but don’t diminish your own truth either! Observe impartially and objectively, don’t push your agenda but don’t take any undue influencing from others, either.

How to feel more centred and empowered? HIGH PRIESTESS.

Listen and trust your inner voice, block the external hum and pressure. Your conscience/soul’s voice is where the most grounding advice comes from.

How to invite better treatment from other people? 3 WANDS.

Be authentically and fully yourself, trust your vision and plans for the future, and be interested and supportive towards other people’s vision and plans.

I hope this is an interesting spread to examine!

Dan Tarot

I really love every Tarot spread which gives people a advice and expands a human consciousness.

We can never let people control our lives, mind, soul and choice.
All we have is a FREE WILL FROM GOD :)