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why is it unethical to ask about the performance of the stock market? When it was doing well, my main thought was of having the ability to serve as a financial "backup" for my family. And with that in mind, would any of you experts (perhaps Rhiannon, since you seem to be in an "experimental" mood) venture to do a spread on the performance of the Nasdaq from now until early next year?

tiger lily

I don?t know whether it?s ethical, but I don?t believe it is *possible* to make such a prediction, no matter what system you use. In my opinion, tarot is not about fortune telling - because in order to predict the future, the future must be fixed, predetermined. But the future is in constant flux, it is changed by our actions in the present.

Therefore, when I read the cards, my attention is not directed at the future, but at the present; I seek to get a better grasp of *all* *current* factors of a situation, so that I can make more informed choices. The cards that appear for future trends are exactly that: trends, that will change with the changes I make in my approach.

Actually it is the same process as in every decision: you weigh all the factors and then decide. The Tarot helps you to widen your perspective, to take things into account that you would normally have overlooked or suppressed.

As for the stock market - I think that?s an especially dynamic area of life, one that is subject to so many different influencing factors that it is virtually impossible to make a prediction, especially with Tarot. I know that there are astrologers who specialize in this field, but I don?t know how accurate they are.


All you will have to do is make a prediction and have someone invest their entire life savings based on that one prediction and loses it all -- and you will be sued for fraud. I agree with tigerlily- tarot is not about 'fortune telling', and the stock market has too many factors constantly changing to make an accurate prediction...no matter who you are or how accurate your readings might be.



okay, no offense.... But in my opinion it seems ridiculous that you would request a TAROT reading for stock market predictions. There are people who dedicate their entire lives to studying the stock market, and even still they aren't always accurate.
I suggest you contact a financial advisor or similar to help you out. The people on these forums have been kind and generous with their willingness to share, and, for me, have been a great source of information and inspiration. Asking people to predict the stock market is not fair - it puts them in an uncomfortable position. Heck, it makes me uncomfortable that you're posting about this again.


Oh, gosh, people,

I am compelled to divulge my secret of absolutely infallabile fortunes. (Please don't tell.)

Eat in a Chinese restaurant. At the end of the meal, crack open the fortune cookie and withdraw the little slip of paper. Inside, you will find a fortune you can absolutely count on.

Notice, my system will work without fail. If you do get the wrong fortune, it is not my fault. You just picked the wrong Chinese restaurant. Or, maybe, you got the wrong cookie. Leave the waitperson a large tip and come back to try again.

Works every single time (if you do it right.)



Well.. I simply won't do it because I have seen people arrested in this state for fortune telling. (It is a crime in almost all the states in the US to predict the future with a certainty.. you can say that you think something would happen, but you cannot predict with any amount of certainty what WILL happen.) A few of these people lost the right to use the tarot for 4, 5, and six years. If they are caught using the tarot, reading a tarot book, discussing tarot, etc.. they go to jail for the remainder of the probation. A few others were not so lucky, and those people gave stock tips and what not.. and they went to jail for 3 to 7 years because some poor people spent their money on them.

I cannot afford to take that risk. Neither can others. Even most of the bags those fortune cookies come in say in fine print. "For entertainment purposes only." or "Cookie and paper do not fortell the future."

Help you? yes! Discuss you? yes! Work with you? Yes! Discuss a large multinational conglomeration of fluctuating indicies controlled my thousands of independant devices and structures?




Sorry, Magnwa,

Gonna change my signature to read: "This was writ satiric." Then have it show up in day-glow, neon letters.

What I get for being ham-handed.

Nevertheless, my system always works. Don't knock it 'till you've tried it. Guaranteed.

I'm more like I am now than I was when I came here.

tiger lily

LOL talisman! I don?t think that magnwa misunderstood you - I think it was directed at daisy - explaining why he thinks it is unethical to try to predict the stock market by using the tarot/pendulum/you name it.

*If* I was able to do that, I wouldn?t be posting here - I would have figured out the lottery numbers ages ago ;-)


Percisely, Tigerlily.. Talisman, I got your humor very quickly (I love satire :) ) I was framing my response towards Daisy as a more detailed way.. in short, I was trying (pitifully) to explain the satire behind your post in my explanation of why I won't do those types of readings. :).




Of course you saw what I was attempting to do, and if I missed the mark by a mile, well, you saw that too.

Believe me, please, I always enjoy your posts because you never bother unless you have something intelligent or pertinent to say. In this case, I admire your patience. Sometimes, the things we lack the most, we admire the most. (Does that make sense?) Besides, your wit is never heavy handed.

If someone started a thread on tartot and fortune telling, we could all talk forever.

There is always a fork in the road.