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Daisy wrote:

"I think that you are all wrong in assuming that it can't be done. I was just hoping that one of you "seasoned experts" might have been able to predict a financial upturn or downturn in the economy."

You are entitled to your opinion, of course. If you think it can be done and (as you indicated in your post) you have done it before, go ahead.

I have yet to see a post on this board where someone declares him/herself to be a "seasoned expert". So far I have seen this phrase coming only from you. The way you put it in the quote above, you seem to feel that we boast with our "expertise" and then fail to prove it by predicting the stock market? I?m sorry to disappoint you, but I never made such a claim, so I don?t feel compelled to "prove it", either.


in respect to whether stock market prediction work or not, I think they work (just did it once and it did, so I suppose it would work some times more too). But I also am sure that it will be an excellent way of spoiling our own ability to read the cards. To take the Honda example; we can go quite a long way offroad, but the car will be ruined very quickly, without repair. Or, in another way, I think the cards themselves always work, for stocks, for loves or for stupidities. But we ourselves lose our ability to understand them the more we get caught by the superficialities of the world, like money. We can only work with spiritual instruments if we ourselves stay spiritual.
As to the fortune-telling label; yes, I agree, that we are no fortune-tellers (just have some parts of their business in our own). I always tell people, that I am a tarot reader, not a seer/vident/skryer (how do you say?).
But in the end, who is it that gives the name? We ourselves or the others? And does it in reality really matter? I think it is very, very hard to separate the healing from the medicine, to give an example. They both work as one; healing being the real tarot, medicine being the prediction. There is no prediction, in the same way that there is no medicine, because in depth its all healing. I dont know if I am able to explain what I mean...:)


Hello Daisy,
Wow, with all this info, the computer was smokin'! Anyway, I agree with you in that it can be done. You have to understand that in Gypsy tradition, the Tarot is used for divination, and yes, the Tarot is ALWAYS right, and yes, it can answer any question you wish to ask it no matter how trivial. I cannot discuss the why's and how's and answer questions such as is our life predestined or not. What I can answer is that divination has been going on for thousands of years, and it has always been used, and if it didn't work, people would have stopped using any sort of divination a long time ago. What I also say is while the Tarot can make stock market predictions ( I know of one lady who uses it for wealthy businessmen ), I personally would not want to because it goes against my spiritual beliefs. I have personally been asked similar questions, and I always refuse them. Not because I don't have the ability but because, again, I just refuse. Maybe I'm just another person beating that dead mouse but I do believe that people should be careful in what they ask or want to know. Use your own judgement, however, I personally stay away.
Lots of love,


Quote:daisy (01 Sep, 2001 10:44):
The 10 of pentacles,upright, can mean financial gain through investing, and reversed, can mean the opposite. I've done readings where the devil showed up next to the 10 of pentacles, and sure enough, I proceeded to sustain a sizable loss in my stock investments. On the other hand, I've had the World and the 9 cups on either side of 10 pent. which meant a sizable gain. I've also had the Wheel of Fortune next to the 10 pent, which meant a positive change in the market's direction. I had the 10 swords next to 10 pent reversed, which forecast the sizable losses that most people sustained, if they were exposed to the Nasdaq.
I think that you are all wrong in assuming that it can't be done. I was just hoping that one of you "seasoned experts" might have been able to predict a financial upturn or downturn in the economy.

WOW! It sounds like you know more about reading for the nasdaq than most of the "experts" here! Personally , I've never attempted anything like it , maybe because I don't even own any stocks.


And you can feel free to do a reading for me to tell me When I'll ever have enough money to invest and what to invest in! 8) :p ;P .Because it sounds like you are more of a "seasoned expert" in this specific area than anyone else!