Tarot of Innocence - it now exists



TITLE: tarot of Innocence.

COST OF DECK: $ 43 (US) . This for either the b/w sketch version or the full colour version. Price includes shipping and tracking. (I have to sign for the deck so you may have to do the same). Also includes electronic format of the 262 page PDF / book. Cost for x 2 decks would be $82 US inclusive of shipping / tracking. NOTE: THIS INCREASE IN PRICE SINCE ORIGINAL POSTING IS DUE TO INCREASE IN COST OF PRINTING THE DECKS.

NUMBER OF DECKS AVAILABLE: 150 of each. I have never done anything like this before, so will fulfil orders in small batches. This is not a deck I expect to be popular, so there should not be too long a wait, but if there is an initial flurry I will take my time so as to ensure there are no errors.

INFLUENCE: Mainly RWS, but I have also shown influences taken from the Mythic tarot.

CARD SIZE: Poker card. (2.5 " x 3.5 ")

BORDERS: Small black.

TITLES: Minimal - abbreviated to card number (Major Arcana) and card number, initial letter of suit (Minor Arcana)


CARDSTOCK: 310 gsm linen cardstock.

BOX OR BAG: No. Deck only which will arrive shrink-wrapped.

THEME: Fey folk in situations and scenes we can identify with as humans. Many characters are young people or children.

QUIRKS: There are re-occurring characters, particularly through the Major arcana. In addition where characters re-occur in the Minor Arcana, they tell a distinct story.

ARTISTIC STYLE: May be akin to the Disney style with regards to the colouring.

NUMBER OF CARDS: 78, plus additional title cards, blank card for personal notes and finally - brief precis of the re-occurring characters. There will be a card in the deck dedicated to whoever you want it dedicated to.

262 pages of typed notes in two main sections. Section one allocates 2 pages per card. Each card comes with space for reader's notes, and includes questions to consider when viewing the card in a spread or reading.
2nd section is the workbook part. It includes spreads, a quiz, colour associations, how to weave a story, compare and contrast exercises and also reversals. Plus other stuff....lol
There is an appendix which will include a more detailed overview of the story line running through the deck, and how / where characters make repeat appearances.

This is to be emailed when a deck is ordered, and will be in PDF form.
I have not had the luxury of a proof reader, so apologies in advance if you come across any errors, typo's etc. This PDF may not work on kindles. It should be a workable document - if you click on any of the index listings, you will be taken directly to that page.


Please review all cards on the attached photos before deciding whether to purchase or not. I am not an artist, and the style of colouring I opted for may not appeal to all. In addition, the original sketches were at times in working draft form. I have where possible (and with limited artistic ability) reworked small parts of the original image. If this is something you would find irritating, or you have deal breakers (borders, not being reversible with regards to card rear etc) I will fully understand if this is not the deck for you.


Please show any interest by posting a reply here backed up with a PM. In the PM please include:

** Type of deck (b/w or coloured)

** Name to be shipped to.

**Address to be shipped to.

** First name you want included on the dedication card. (If none given, it will just show 'friend')

** Email address you want the PDF mailed to.

I will then give details of my paypal address for payment, and once the order is made you will be updated with a) when it is shipped and b) the tracking number.

The deck will be sent directly from the printers. I have not had any issues with them in the past, but please be aware - THEY ALLOW A SMALL MARGIN OF ADJUSTMENT WHEN BORDERS ARE INCLUDED of UP TO 1 MM. Therefore there is no guarantee the cards will be dead centred within the borders. As stated - I have always found them to be pretty good, but I have to include this proviso.

So, anyone want to walk with me in the world of Innocence?



rwcater 05/07/15 - received
PattyMc 7/7/15 - received
quester 7/7/15 - received
danieljuk 7/715 - received
tarotluv 8/7/15 - received
annabelle 9/7/15 - received
ldiddy 28/7/15 - received
teawoman 29/7/15 - received


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I love to purchase one. Your vision on the cards is brilliant. Do you ship outside of the US. And if so how expensive is that going to be?


Yep, ship anywhere in the world. Would ship to Mars if they had a postcode :D

The price I showed is inclusive of shipping is anywhere in the world.

Just PM me with the details I need as per post # 31

Thanks for the nice words - they mean a lot to me, and would mean a lot to the artist who drew the cards



yay :thumbsup: looking forwards to it! :)


Mine has been ordered, excited...now the hard part, waiting on it to come in the mail!
I received my PDF via email and opened in both iBooks app and Kindle app on iPad, just had time for a quick glance but I am very impressed. Our very own Shadowdancer poured her everything into this project. Each card in the PDF has a clickable link in the table of contents for easy reference. She has also left space for us to add notes/thoughts, this is not just a companion book for the deck but an actual workbook. The detail is amazing!

I still can't believe the deck, companion/workbook PDF, and the shipping included is only $32.00. Order this one folks... I think we will all be talking about Tarot of Innocence.



I'm having trouble deciding -- the full color version is wonderful, but the black and white is also fantastic. Hmm, decisions, decisions.

By the way, congratulations, shadowdancer -- what an AMAZING achievement! I have tremendous admiration for anyone who finishes a 78 card deck.


I'm having trouble deciding -- the full color version is wonderful, but the black and white is also fantastic. Hmm, decisions, decisions.
Why make it hard on yourself? Do what I did and get one of each! :D