The bonefire has landed


Oh Gabi! I love what you've written so far! This is great! This is exactly what I was hoping for -- background, symbolism, personal meaning, creative process, all of it. Just fantastic. I love seeing the card with Gabi-colored glasses, and adding new depth to my own view of the card.

I agree, it's great! For those who tried to copy and paste the blog site from Woodeneye's profile: if you get a blank page, take the forward slash and number "two" off the address.


The blog is great so far. Don't undersell yourself as a writer hun.


Phew, I'm glad it went over okay. Thanks Sarahjoy, Baylys and BodhiSeed for the feedback. It will be quite a crash course in being concise. I do not have the very extensive notes made for the Bonefire, so am working from memory; my original intentions, in combination with those which emerged since reading with the deck. It is actually rather good to do this with breathing space between the deck creation and now .

Todays draw is- the 6 of Cups, I will try to get this up later.

Oh, and thanks for the tip about the link on my profile BodhiSeed, I have put it right.


I'm finding your blog notes fascinating and will definitely keep following.


Woop! Just paid for my deck today. Hopefully won't take long to arrive in NZ from Australia!

Getting rather excited, actually! :D


Woop! Just paid for my deck today. Hopefully won't take long to arrive in NZ from Australia!

Getting rather excited, actually! :D

It took a week for me to get it :) so not too long :)


Well, it arrived yesterday but we've had guests staying and I haven't had the chance to settle down with the deck yet. First impressions are that it is really beautiful.

I read the first bit in the LWB about the Bonefire, which was fascinating. How are you guys reading the Bonefire symbols as they appear in the cards? (Mostly wands?)

Also - it seems a shame that the printed card titles have been included at the card bottoms when they are so interestingly and expertly woven through the images themselves. Has anyone else been prompted to trim?

Now I'm paranoid that I'm asking questions that have already been discussed. Going back to re- read the thread now!!


Had a friend visit today, a good excuse to get out a range of decks to play and the Bonefire starred. Gorgeous deep colours and rich symbolism. Loved it!


This deck is beautiful.

Are the pics too small? The cards on the site look small to me, and there is so much fantastic detail in the cards... can we see it all?

I can't keep buying decks, :( I want this one.


It`s wonderful! I love it!