The Little White Book - Aargh!


I'm getting closer and closer to having real decks available. The last thing I expected to run into trouble with was the LWB. Simple, right?

Well, when I put the basic interpretations I had together in CorelDraw (at 8 pt. type!), it came out to a 56 page booklet. Since I had blithely assumed that it would run maybe 20 pages, it was back for an additional quote. It came back a couple of days ago, and ouch!. It seems that the firm I'm working with can handle up to 36 pages in that size, and then they have to outsource. And there aren't that many places around with the equipment to handle teeny tiny booklets in that thickness.

Since the thought of paying close to $1.00 apiece didn't thrill me, yesterday was spent ruthlessly pruning the interpretations - and putting a note in the book that there would be a PDF file available on the site for people who wanted the full interps. Three hours of agony later (I'm fond of my writing, durn it!), I had a 24 page booklet that at least says something about each card.

The thought of leaving it out entirely did cross my mind, but it's Traditional, and I can't see leaving a new reader totally at sea in any case. (I also considered taking it down to 5 pt. type, but the cost of including a magnifying glass with the deck would be prohibitive :D)

I am so glad I found this forum before I actually got into the details of the publishing process - I think I might have given up in the middle if I couldn't see other people enmeshed in the details and managing to get through.


Happy for you &

Don't give up!


The PDF file is a good idea, whoever wants the original version can just go get it themselves then. You're right that 5 font is too tiny. Sometimes 9 is too tiny.

Getting the LWB into larger format (folded 8 1/2 x 11" pamphlet size) would probably get it back up around the $1 range if not higher, even if you do the assembly & stapling yourself. I've seen some done that way, but not when cost was a real factor. Makes things harder to ship too, as the box/envelope has to be large enough to send the pamphlet along without being bent.


I don't think I can add anything useful - but I can say how much I sympathise. I also had huge problems with editing down the LWB for Tarot of Prague. I had to take it right down to essential keywords and cut out a lot of things I wanted to say - just because of the low number of pages. I think everyone has this issue with LWBs, and it's the reason why they can hardly ever give enough information.

Are you writing a book to go with your deck too? If not, then yes, the PDF does seem a good idea.


Astra, I think you have to distill it down to 36 pages. :(

Just tell yourself you are writing a longer book, and this is the outline for the book.


Well, I love your deck and intend to purchase a copy.

Contrary to accepted Aeclectic principles, I always look at the LWB if there is no other book, and I'll remember this evening and your comments when my deck actually arrives :D.

Reading these experiences will make the decks much more personal than previously.

Many thanks,



Well, I must admit a companion book is always a major selling point for me. Maybe you should save something for later? I do like those "slightly smaller than A5" ones. Not for heretical activities, you understand, but simply 'cos taking the DECK to bed is (as I discover) not a very practical proposition. Plus it disturbs the cat(s)! :D



Macavity, I am confused. Are you saying you take the LWB to bed?! Really? ;-)


My original guess was based on the Robin Wood LWB - that's a fair chunk of stuff and runs 40 something pages. I suspect that if I'd gone with Carta Mundi, the price break wouldn't have been too bad, because they're used to doing fairly substantial stuff in that area.

Still, the more I think about a PDF, the more I like it.

I have a major problem with doing a companion book - the more I work on straight artwork, the less I'm inclined to sit down and write, and I suspect it's going to get worse as it goes along. But I can put up the PDF, and add to it as time goes on and I find things that I want to include, so that eventually it might actually get to the status of companion book. If it does, then it may be worth putting in print. And if it doesn't, then people can still get at it without having to pay extra for it.

Karen, I envy you and Alex as a team - it would be nice to have someone around whose main focus was the writing, so I could ignore it entirely. (and this from someone whose greatest ambition 20 years ago was to become a science fiction writer!)


Reading LWBs in bed? Ah, it has been known, though my preference is for medium-sized books as I said. ;) But it's a great place to read... or rather look at the card pictures. Not as bad as punching a hole in the card corners and hanging them from a nail in the "smallest room" - Wait, now THERE's an idea! :D