the moon - interview with a fey


Who gave you your scyth?
the elders give the scyth to moon fey who are worthy to carry the symbol of the tribe.

What is that, that you draw in the sand?
the ancient language of the moon fey. these are feeling i keep inside and do not speak of to anyone. i draw them when the moon is out so that by her light, i may find my way.

Where does the Moon lead you?
to a place i fear to tread.

When do you make these drawings?
when i need to ask for guidance. when i cannot find my way and the whispers i hear calling me promises madness and lunacy.

Why are your eyes white?
my mortal eyes do not serve me anymore. i see in other ways.

How do you know where you are going?
i know because it is where i fear to tread.


Who does your hair?
my sisters of the moon.

What are you thinking?
about the sage that spoke to me about walking on a razor's edge.

Where did you get your staff?
i found it at the stone temple not far away.

When do you feel the happiest, what Moon phase?
i feel happy when i see the moon but when it hides it's face from me, my happiness wanes.

Why do you seem so calm, yet evoke so much wild energy?
i am like the moon that shines with ghost light yet shines bright for travellers to see in this realm ..

How do you like to dance?
dance?.... *laughter