The Numinous Tarot


I remember them saying they were planning to start the Kickstarter in summer of this year, but they're going so fast (already on the 6s!) that I fear it'll be earlier than that. As much as I want this deck in my hands, I have a budget...

Granted, they mentioned that they might re-paint some cards (probably the early majors?) so that might give me more time.


The creator recently started a mailing list for those who want to be notified when the Kickstarter starts - still projected for this summer - in case anyone wants to stay updated. The deck is complete and they've been showing cards of the day and spreads on their Instagram (

I think this will be my next deck purchase. While I like the art well enough (some are amazing - The Diviner! - but some I'm not as crazy about), I absolutely love the concepts. And the deck overall looks vibrant and heartfelt.

It means so much to me that it is full of gender non-conforming and ethnically diverse individuals who I can relate to and see myself in. I love the strong move away from Christian symbolism in the reimagining of some of the majors, and appreciate the renaming of gender-specific cards to draw the attention to the universal concepts that underlie them anyway, instead of the gender roles.

Also, tomes instead of coins? I am so here for knowledge symbolism instead of wealth symbolism. Usually pentacles is my least favorite suit, but here I think it's my favorite!