The Old memories Tarot


"The Old Memories" new Tarot deck from Tarocco Studio. Evaluate please our new deck.

Each Tarot card of this deck is made as a vintage image with horizontal rippled stripes, as if the coming back memories. All inscriptions are made in English. The size of the cards with plastic coating is 80x130mm. Each of them has red asymmetrical outline. Despite the images, this deck is not considered to be the deck of dark forces, but it works in combination with them.



That is an interesting and rather unique deck.

You may, if you wish, add a link to purchase.


Interesting! (Where's the Page of Pents?) I like the symbolism, so far; I didn't study it that closely. Nice art work.


Specially for users we want to do a good offer.

The Old memories Tarot - $38 + free shipping!
Forest creatures Tarot (standart) - $38 + free shipping!

It will be interesting?


How do we use the offer ? I can't see anything but the full price there. The coupon code from last time doesn't work...


I really like the way it looks and am interested.


I really like the vintage feel of this deck.


I actually think the deck has an interesting vibe but I'll admit that the back would stop me from using the deck in day to day readings with clients


Maybe whoever took the photo colored in the cards?