The Tower


I was working at a fund-raiser for one of my school clubs, and the fundraiser was a Fortune-Telling Faire in one of the school's alcoves. I had two of my decks with me and was usually reading the Fey. In that time, the Tower came up twice. But what I've found very interesting with this deck is how different the interpretations for the Tower can strike me:

1. Drastic Change: I feel like I can watch the bricks as they fall, that small hold almost as if gravity has taken leave, and then the sudden plummet.

2. Things Falling Apart: The tower, falling apart from the bottom up, reminds me of that old fight I had with my siblings: "Can I have the bottom half of the soda?" "Sure" "Hey, what're you doing?" "Getting to my half." Like the destruction that you perhaps thought could be contained, can't. The face of the fey in the tower seems amazed, and I always have a different interpretation of what he's amazed at. Horrified amazement at things falling apart, or wondrous amazement at...

3. Building: Even if it's unorthodox, the idea of building from the bottom down is something I've tried to do more then once, if you know what I mean. Do the details before the groundwork. It seems easier that way, and I can see how this could be both a positive (building from Heaven down to earth, the meeting of the two) or negative (building without a base, without one's feet on the ground).

Just wondering about other's interpretations ^_^


Aura Wolf

Glad to see you posting!

I love the Tower card in the Fey. It's so unique and opens your mind up to so many other possibilities that can be somewhat limiting with other Tower cards. I agree that on one hand it could be the structure crumbling beneath you--or rebuilding itself. You never know :)


i'm with ya dead star......the Fey's tower is definatly a unique image for the card.....when I first saw it the first thing that came to my mind...."the bottom falling out"'s a 'pull the rug from underneith....' type image.....where are my notes?......
The Tower is drifting and falling apart, slowly disintagrating. There is a fey in the window.....he seems quite suprised, like he can't believe what he's seeing. He will have to do something...
change his situation, and quickly.
Another aspect to the mentioned before, who can really say if the tower is taking off, or landing in a new place.

Fey- what a great deck for a school event- bet the kids loved them


The weird thing is: sometimes, the Tower gives me a positive feeling. The Fey is 'flying', in the air: free! But that freedom seems to be going to be his doom... It tells me to watch out what I'm doing, for it may seem good or positive, but I fail to see the downside of it.


What sets this apart from the "typical" Tower card is that the figure is inside, so that if it IS falling, there is a sense of protection about it. Unlike the RWS version which shows the figures falling out of the Tower (an image I find even harder to deal with since 9/11).

The book mentions a possibility of imprisonment, which is also a different take on this card.

I like this image as well. The Tower used to be a favorite card of mine because I first saw it when I was very, very young. But depending on the image, I get very disturbed sometimes. In fact, when I do a reading for my fiancee, the first thing she says is "uh, oh", even without knowing what the card can mean, lol. This card makes the impact (no pun intended) a little less harsh.


Angel Star

This card always seems to shake me up and no matter what I try to look out for or so it may seem the Tower always strikes in some way. Whether it may be some stupid blown up arguement or something really trivial that just gets way blown out of proportion this card never seems to stop amazing me and it seems there is no getting away from its energy no matter how i try to look out for it lol! I just pulled this card in the Fey deck and the description says that the Fey in the Tower is laughing? He looks surprised to me.


More comments

I find it interesting that Peradactyls (?) are flying around the Tower. This symbolizes to me that (long) past conditions are at the basis of the Tower's current situation.

The closeness of the loose bricks at the tower's base suggests that the tower has been "plucked upward" suddenly. Otherwise there would be a continuous stream of falling bricks as the Tower dissintigrated. I don't see the Tower as being lowered or being placed downward or being re-assembled as there is no floor depicted.

The single Fey (no multiples) is looking out and downward at the base, his arms resting on the windlow ledge. He appears to not be overly alarmed but, perhaps, has more of an assessment posture. I note that he/she must be standing on a floor that has not yet been destroyed.

It would seem to me that the Fey is observing (and calmly participating in) an event of sudden change. He/she seems to not be personally alarmed but does recognize that a severe situation is occuring. This Fey is treating the situation as if the Tower card represented FEELINGS -- the Fey is standing both within and outside of the situation and is therefore both experiencing and observing the flow of feelings/events. This is a card of sudden change but not personal catastrophy -- in that sense it is different from many Tower cards in other decks and also true to the spirit of the Fey. Dave.


Well, the feys having wings in the deck suggests me that some kingdoms and castles are built in the air. The Emperor's throne placed in the air is an excellent exemple of it. The Tower was probably in the air in some kingdom or on a castle and it fell, or was hit and projected, and now is falling.


The Tower always reminds me of Henry David Thoreau's words...
If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.

I tend to view it one of two ways:

1. what you've built for yourself has been falling apart, it still remains but it is now up to you to rebuild its foundation...put solid ground under the idea again


2. your dreams have led you to create something without a foundation in is the time to decide what you want to do with it: let it float off (give up the dream); or provide a foundation for the dream

the main theme in both views being "where is the foundation? where do we go from here?" and as with most majors, i view it as telling us how it is (rather than things that are influencing the just IS) and letting us know the ball is in our court now...

but that's just my view :)




I pulled this card as my outcome card in a celtic cross spread. my question had to do with what will be the outcome of me moving back in with my parents. Now i am 50/50 about the move, but i hope all in all the outcome is just saying that i'm am moving to a new foundation and its nothing terrible happening.