The Wild Unknown Tarot - The Emperor IV

Water Lady

One thing about this card that I felt today when I pulled it is that the eclipse may be signaling that although the full power of the Emperor and his wisdom is there, it doesn't always need to be shown or flaunted. It can be kept at bay, partially hidden, to be pulled out when needed. Strength, such as that of the Emperor, doesn't always need to blind or burn. It can just hang around, not necessarily drawing attention to itself, and still make an impact.

I love this, I keep seeing that as important but could not get a grasp on it. the tree shows such strength and beauty.
although I am allergic to pine trees I love them, they are regal and powerful.


it's definitely a strong and phallic tree. The sun in this card matches the sun in the Magician card and the Sun card, the masculine cards, like the Empress Moon matches the equal 'feminine' cards. I didn't really notice it was an eclipse before, thanks Gillyboo and Sulis :thumbsup: The Sun is very interesting in this card. Compare to the Empress, she has a moon which is decreasing and leaves which may fall in the autumn but she is blossoming with energy by nurturing from within. She is not depend on outside influences to nurture herself but here is this tree and in this card, the tree is black but the Sun is brightly coloured. It's the opposite of the Empress colour scheme. However strong and inflexible and a little imposing / dominating the Emperor is, he is dependent on nurturing or some sort of outside recognition. Perhaps he really needs that Fatherly role because the sun represents the Father in astrology. Or perhaps the solar eclipse with the Sun blocked shows he is independent just like the Empress is! It might not be an eclipse but instead a black sun with colours radiating out, it would match the other art touches of the deck. I think I will leave intuition to how I see that come up in my readings. But he is not glowing as a tree like she is, I feel he needs to get light externally from outside himself! The Emperor figures I know in life, may be strong but they need supportive people around them, they need the nurturing of the Empress figure and the Empress needs the strength and protection of the Emperor.