Trick or Tarot


41% FUNDED in the first 24 HOURS!! Even KICKSTARTER thinks that's, in their words, Huge, Fantastic and Amazing! Of course, that means we still have 59% to go, but I never dreamed we would be at this point with 28 days remaining. Thank you all.

... keep on spreading the word!

Congrats. That really is exciting. I love the vintage feel of this deck and was happy to back it in the first few hours.

Which is kind of unusual for me considering that Halloween is my least favorite holiday, orange is my least favorite color and I generally shy away from darker decks.

Goes to show that's how good this deck looks. Plus I know you do quality work.

I'm looking forward to seeing you meet your mysterious stretch goals.


So excited to see that the campaign is going so well. :) Backed!!! And I see that the estimated shipping date is in October. What a perfect Halloween treat!