What kind of spread do you use for your daily draw?


Well after hearing about people's daily draws and it seems that almost everyone has a different way..I would like for us to share those ways...
My daily draw...
I am currently using the Mythic tarot and No reversals...
I choose...body, mind, spirit and hidden aspect or something I need work on (depending on what my intuition is saying)

I shuffle my cards, if a card does not fall out. I cut the deck with my left hand..Then I draw the card that is on top and put it in front of me face down...Then I take the cut part...put it under the part that was not cut (where I drew my card) then reshuffle and draw for mind and spirit...When I draw the spirit card..i put the cut part under the non-cut and take that bottom card as my 4th..They all get laid faced down..then I turn them over one at a time..

I just can not seem to do 3 card readings..it always ends up being 4 or higher..I don't feel that one works for me..I did try the theme of the day..card for morning...theme of day...then evening..that one confused me more then anything...So what do you do?


Hi RedWood,

I do one principal card then 4 follow up cards to see more details.

If 3 cards doesn't work for you, don't worry about it.
You can do your own adjusted version :)

Happy reading!

With love


I use just one card: I shuffle the deck, cut it and take the card that's on the top. I don't use reversals.

And I agree with vision: just do whatever works for you!


Generally, I use a 3 card spread. Sometimes, it's only one. It's really dependent on what is happening that day or how I'm feeling.

:TPW Starfish


i take one card and that card is that days advice/warning/meditation object/study object all wrapped into one.
i write it down, look at it closely, journal about the card, look it up in literature, find correspondances and watch out if i can see the card in my life that day.
i notice if i have had the same card recently and what it means to get it so soon again, what element the card is and what mood i am in.
1 card is body/mind/spirit

the reason is really simple, i know i could not keep up with anything more then 1 card a day in the long run. i tried and it lasted just a few days and i found i had no time for it.
it takes a lot of time for me to really work though the cards each day. (and ok, i admit, i am a bit lazy)

i am thinking about making a one-week spread every week instead. but that would prevent me from being able to get the same card two days in a row. i might try it out for the next month though.


Because I'm following the Hallowquest course, my daily spread is currently:

Split the pack into Majors, Courts and Minors.

Shuffle minors, asking 'What will be my experience today?' and select a card face down
Shuffle courts asking 'Who will be my guide today?' and select a card face down
Shuffle majors asking 'Who will be my teacher today?' and select a card face down.

Turn cards over and interpret.

I like this spread. I sometimes do it the night before and ask about tomorrow, depending on what seems right.



Its a little embarressing, but I've been using an online program for my daily draw. http://www.fourthdimension.net/thoth/

The reason for this is that the Thoth is my current "study" deck, where I'm going through a card every day, studying Crowley's commentary, various people's interpretations, the related qabalistic, zodiacal, alchemical attributions and letting it all percolate in my brain.

By using the "Tarot notebook" that comes with the site above, I'm able to reference my readings later on extremely easily with the cards conveniently laid out and post comments to myself along the way in my notebook.



laurel, many thanks!!

i am also using thoth right now (and have been ever since it was given to me) and this site was neat but it only comes with the CC spread? do you just choose the first card to be the card for the day? or do you use the whole spread?


I do the same thing as tarotlady, one card a day. Even if it doesn't seem to apply to my day, I take it as an opportunity to learn the card meanings. Recently I even had an odd thing happen in which a daily draw seemed to refer to the next day instead. Anyone else have this happen?

:) Kes


Jemma, I've been using the whole CC. But now that I think about it, http://www.geocities.com/Paris/2110/ offers a "daily" Thoth card which would also be helpful. I like this particular site because it lets everyone leave their own interpretations and insights for each of the cards.