When law of attraction/the secret/stones etc. doesn't work.


I have tried the last couple of years or so working on law of attraction, using stones, and trying to be more positive and everything, yet, I do not get the bigger things I want and desire. I am grateful and everything, I am trying to be positive which I am and everything but nothing seems to be happening :/

Is there some trick? I am going to be honest, as of lately I think the whole law of attraction thing is just, two people trying to get money off people, and trying to get their hopes up. What's up with the true happy stories and everything? Really?

I bought crystals because apparently they bring good luck and money. Nothing happened yet. I bought them in August. I put stones on a check I made out to me, in my wallet, and everything.

Sorry I know this is a bit rant-y (I know it's not a word probably, sorry).

What DOES work? I'm sorry I just not believing in "good luck" or anything like new age-y anymore :/


Maybe your looking at it as a gimmick, an easy fix. Rather than a way of life, you really have to believe with your whole heart and let it become your way of life for it to bloom.
Just by putting crystal on your alter and wishing you get a great job, its not going to happen like that, You have to KNOW in your heart you are getting that job (or whatever) and you have to do the steps to make it happen.
Believe in it from the inside out. start with small goals and build from there, don't expect to win the lottery.
I believe in this completely.

Start by looking at the law of attraction, what kind of people are you hanging with? Are these the people that will help you attract success?

Just my 2 cents :)

The crowned one

I think it is garbage, thinking you want a car will not get you a car, it is a idea that only very rich cultures can buy into without worrying too much about outcome...try using this gimmick in the slums of Somalia or Eritrea.

Rocks are rocks.

Thoughts are thoughts.

Law of Attraction is anecdotal in all its evidence. Let one person come forward who has manifested something big like mortgage money, a car, or lotto win, not a bowl of soup and a new crystal.

One of the problems or reasons this thing does not die is that really focusing on things does help bringing them to pass, not through the quantum world( a slap in the face to anyone who understands it), but rather just by focusing on a goal...we do it every day and it is no secret and you do not need to buy a book to be told that to focus on a goal will help achieve it. Another way to say it, if you do not focus on something( spend time making it happen) it will not happen, Common sense.


I think it is impossible to attract what you want whilst not believing that you can have it.

If your constant thought is "why don't I have it" then you are focussing on "not having it" and so you attract "not having it".

Glitterbird sums it up beautifully "Believe in it from the inside out. start with small goals and build from there, don't expect to win the lottery".

Of all the Esther and Jerry Hicks books, I would highly recommend "The Astonishing Power of Emotions", the enclosed CD is brilliant, whenever I find myself struggling I listen to the CD and it brings me back into alignment and then things start to improve.

It's also good to check out YouTube and the Abraham-Hicks website for videos, they are really empowering and Esther/Abraham is hugely entertaining.



I wouldn't go so far as to say that it is all garbage but it seems to me that the whole law of attraction thing tends to get misinterpreted as 'wish for something, believe in it hard enough and it will come to pass' then when it doesn't it's because you didn't wish or believe hard enough.

However, as others have already said, all the wishing in the world won't do a darn thing if you don't get off your **** and do something to put that life change in motion.

So, for me, the whole law of attraction idea goes more along the lines of 'learn how to see your true self so that you can feel what you need (which may be nothing to do with what you want), believe that you will find the way to bring that into your life, then be open enough to see the possibilities, strong enough to get out there and make things happen, then brave enough to seize the opportunities when they arise.

If a crystal makes you feel better about yourself - great. The best rocks I have ever come across which helped me change and build something better for myself were good old bricks that we used to build our house. I wonder what they would have built without us to put them all together with the cement etc???


So, for me, the whole law of attraction idea goes more along the lines of 'learn how to see your true self so that you can feel what you need (which may be nothing to do with what you want), believe that you will find the way to bring that into your life, then be open enough to see the possibilities, strong enough to get out there and make things happen, then brave enough to seize the opportunities when they arise.
This is the truer version of the "Secret" to me.:thumbsup:
The "visualize and make it happen" version makes me wince.


What DOES work?
We are each individuals so what may work for one person may not work for another person because as was mentioned on an earlier post is that belief is key.

If you truly believe something will happen then you will have all the thoughts and do all the actions as if it has already happened because you believe it.

If you believe crystals or stones will help you achieve something you want and you don't offer any impressions/beliefs/actions that contradict that belief, then the crystals/stones will help you.

You used the word "try" multiple times in your post. I would say that "trying" implies that you don't really believe it will happen and therefore you are offering resistance (unconsciously) to the very thing you want. Therefore it will not happen.

Are you acting as if you have it or as if you want it? If you are acting as if you want it then you will keep wanting it because that's how you are feeling and acting -- as if you want it.

Think about how you would feel having the thing you say you desire. If you had it, how would you be feeling right now? What would you being doing right now and are you doing it? Truly believing and acting on that belief is key.

It's often the little things which manifest because most people believe they can manifest little things while most people (but not all) don't really believe they can manifest larger desires. The belief is key. When you believe, you are single minded in your focus and you achieve what you want because you don't let anything get in the way of it manifesting including doubts of others or your own potential doubts.


If it was as simple as 'This rock WILL bring me money,' or 'Light THIS color candle will bring you sex this weekend,' then everyone would be buying that rock by the ton, creating a lack of them; conversely, that color candle would never be available in stores because their stock would deplete ASA the shipment arrived. No 'thing' WILL cause something else to happen by it's mere existence {Wrap yourself in aluminum foil and lose 30 pounds OVERNIGHT!} - uh-uh - does not happen that way. Mixing common kitchen ingredients will not cause you to levitate no matter how much you paid for that carton of kosher salt at the high-end food store instead of the Mini-Mart at the gas station.

Do you believe in spellwork/spellcasting/magick? There are no 'quick fixes' - buy this, mix that, say this phrase, wiggle your nose and 'VOILA! A red Jaguar appears in your garage.' Spellwork is based on INTENT. You need a positive cash flow. Some spells ask you to make lists- things you need- which starts your brain on a filtering process of 'what is something I can achieve,' and 'what is a pipe dream?' and you prioritize. The spell is there to make your mind see the situation and WORK THROUGH IT. Maybe you need to find a certain something, perhaps you need to perform a certain action - and the spell is making you focus on how you can get that positive cash flow. You visualize the positive cash flow and how it will help you. You create the cash flow. You don't say 'HEY! I bit that head off a live chicken 3 days ago - where's my $10,000?' Spellwork is focus - with a goal to achieve.

Writing a check to yourself and wrapping it around a particular stone is not a focus - it's a gimmick. Gimmicks are what sells stuff on the Home Shopping Network.



Its not about believing even, not really... its about feeling. I think The Secret and stuff is just marketing and the whole financial leaning of those books I find really offputting... as if that kind of success is all there is almost.

I know it works..... the law of attraction... the feeling thing....it has worked for me, and don't forget, the opposite works too. I always remember being told as a kid that bad things happen in three's.... and with this attitude they sure as hell do....because you feel them coming....!

The act of thinking this isn't working, Celestialhorse, is negating any chance of it working. This is how I started.... imagine you just got a letter telling you some amazing news that you have wanted for a long time..... feel yourself opening it.... feel that joy leap inside you as you read it.... feel it and live it.

I did this against all odds about my NZ residency..... I felt that letter so many times... and danced for joy.... and not once did I ever imagine having to leave here.... even when I was given 21 days notice to leave...!! One day..... 5 years down the line, that letter came.... and ya know... I have lived it so many times.... it was like getting the electricity bill... I knew it would come.

It does work.... but it's like kegels.... ya gotta do it right :) xx


I think the actual books on The Secret, Law of attraction, etc. all the marketing stuff is, er, hooey. I know people that spent a lot of money on the books, CD's, DVD's.

BUT that is not to say positive visualization and self talk won't empower you, because IMO, it does. I have seen the effects on myself, in numerous ways.

I have always been a lucky person. Even when my life turns to garbage, like life does sometimes, things always turn around again and improve, even past what I was expecting usually. I am realistic though - prepare for the worst (and have a plan to deal with it) but always hope and visualize the best.

However, some things are going to take work, as well as positive visualization and self talk. Just my opinion, YMMV.