Which Fairy is yours?


I'm just wondering how can you tell which Fairy is yours?


When it comes to fairy guide;try the exercises in the book;like drawing.Sometimes it can take a while before you find your fairy guide.Try meditating,writing a little conversation with the fairy,daydreaming.
There is a guided meditation you can do in the files of the Yahoo Faeries´Oracle group(the group is lead by Jesa Macbeth).
Don´t give up!

Wisp Wings

I agree. It is very important with this deck to just spending time looking at the cards and sorting them, no right or wrong and in as varied as classes as your mind can vision them as being.

After this, you MUST read from the book in a step by step manner, page by page, doing the exercises that Jesa tells you when to do them. A big "do not", don't read ahead of a exercise before stopping to do the exercise. Remember you got the deck cause you had the desire to connect with them, so in this, do it as directed. It can really be revealing and in funny ways, even the serious. Well this you have to see for yourself. These cards really are like holding up a mirror to yourself.

Last if you are meaning how to identify your personal fae guide for the zero card that you decide what you make of it. That is very personal and if at first you are undecided or come to a complete blank, I suggest two things. One is be fae-like and not to worry over it! At least not initially. Believe me it will come to you and they will help in seeing to it. Remember it is totally your own. It doesn't have to be contained within the packaging of your deck/book already. This isn't necessarily one of Froud's pieces of art, it is however your pieces of heart! That is the second suggest. For me, any way it was the case, it had to be pieces of my heart, having to be something that truly spoke me, of me. I mean look to the person you are and seek seeing the highest qualities of own self that you truly know are there. These will be qualities that you admire in yourself and in others. A personal guide would be one that would work so closely with you to help you achieve these atributes and keep you on the path that is your best good. Once you know these, I believe you are shown somewhat dream-like something to visually see as representative of this, either the actual faery of your's or a symbol to embody the character of the fae or both. Because of the starter reading (upright) and reverse reading, you then need to take time with your Fae or the composite of him/her or their symbol, and work between you what is needed to be related/conveyed upright to you in a reading and what is needed to be related/conveyed reversed to you for when this card appears.

Mine own the reversal message from my Fae Guide is a mixture of being a loving, but stern lecture and a well needed pep talk directing my focus back on to what is needed. So far I haven't had the reversal to come up. I have had the starter reading to show. WOW the day when this reversal and the reversal of the Maiden both come up...LOL, if that day was to happen, boy do I know that I am acting out, way out on the edge, and need a strong push to get me back in check!

Hope this helps. :)

Arie Tarou

*chuckles* She's right. if you ever get this deck *winks* get a feeling for the cards. For me you will always be my 'Maiden' With Q is my 'Fiery Sword'.

Once i got a feel for who the Fae were, the more some of them called to me. The Dark Lady lurks with her seductive secrecy, while 'She of the Cruach' (the one most like me) has a tendancy to bop me on the head and to keep thinking staight, while 'The Bright Mother' is that inevitable Force that i feel drawn to as well. *smiles* I love thier company. Especially the ones that come alive in my mind and draw me to understanding, not only them, but myself. *smiles*

As for the ones that i connect best with, would be..

5 - She of the Cruach *
6 - Singer of Connection
19 - The Sage
24 - The Piper
28 - Penelope Dreamweaver *
36 - Spirit Dancer *

Yes... i have a list.. *chuckles* i need to keep the voices and the Fae that are in my head orginized.. :p

Arie Tarou


Thank you all. It was mostly out of courosity that I posted this. ^^

I'm still thinking about getting this deck. It was Arie that got me thinking about it.

Thank you again.