Working your Intuition with the Fey


I *intended* to do my reading so that the week ended on the first (today). I interpreted the cards for last week's events, though as I stated in my thread, I had a thought (given how things did NOT emerge) that perhaps events in this coming week would better reflect the draws.

So give me a May 1-6 title and I'll see how things develop :)


Hi Lunalafey,

I have my thread with the dates 25th of april - 1st of may.
This because this was the timespan of the week I did the reading for.
If this was wrong you may change it.

Love and light



So I feel bad. I still haven't had time to do this reading, and it does look so interesting. Is anyone thinking of doing another round?


I did my energy reading for last week, so those were the dates I intended to put up. What I actually did put up, I have no idea anymore.



well then; with that ;) I'll just leave things alone-

bleuivy- I think you can sneak your reading in :D
We will be having a second round but as readings for each-other.


lunalafey said:
This is strange- or is it just me;

the study of the five cards views a 7 day time period-
I picked from April 29 to May 6.......Imagemaker made an error in her thread title and put May 1 and requested it be changed to the 6th- that I did; as is noted at the bottom of her post-

NOW- all, except my, title say the 1st.....(cuz I just changed mine)
even Imagemakers is back to a 1 and not a 6- (which I will change again)

SO my question to the announcement: who had put the 6th?
who has a title that needs correcting?
some are doing the study from the 25th to the 1st and others are doing the 29th to the 6th.....who's who???

let me know so I can make adjustments with the titles...

oooops I guess I made a mistake with the dates. I think I just glanced at someone else's thread and used those dates. I tries to change it but could not. If you can go right ahead.
thanks : )

PS sorry for the confusion!


Take a look at your spreads- impressions and events that occured over those days-
and note these with your readings:

What of the whole excercise was the most on the mark?

What of the whole excercise never made an appearance of never got a connection?

What card stood out the most to you?

What element's essence had the most impact within your time-frame?
- was it a week of much spiritual developement? an overly emotional or receptive week? Did you get a raise or lose a job? Where there arguments or serious discussions or decisions made?

if you can: share one thing that this excersise brought to you.

In a couple days I will explain another excersice; those interested, say so.
This one will involve reading for another and having another read for you.


I'm looking forward to the next exercise, Luna!


lunalafey said:
In a couple days I will explain another excersice; those interested, say so.
This one will involve reading for another and having another read for you.

I'm up for it so count me in.

Angel Star

Well i did a reading with the Fey the other day. Man alot of not so good pentacles showing up. I do not know if i was tired but the reading just did not make alot of sense or i was just not getting the vibes down. Relationship issues to top it off not the most positive readings but oh well got to take the bad with the good in life. the 7 of swords really caught my eye i like all that red in the cards the way it is shaded in. Beautiful card.