Working your Intuition with the Fey


so Angel Star......
will you be joining us for the next study?

Angel Star

What is the next study? I am surprised I got the Fey out. With my schedual i just keep forgetting. Sorry about that.


Study #2 is on....see who you read for HERE


Ready for some more?

I have three different excercises that I have come up with and a fourth evolving as I type (some combination of the excercises I

The next excercise will be as a whole group.
This is how it will begin-
Think of an issue you would like to look into. The question will then be given an element that applies to it.
Example- a relationship question, it will likely be a water Q, but depending on it's nature it actually might be a Fire Q....then again it could deal with Earthly things. Find the Element that you feel best represents your issue.
Next, pull a card. Declare your participation, your element and card in this thread....

I will explain the next phase in a few days.

My issue is about my daughter and her relationship with her father (my ex)and the eventual court appearance to change things.
This is totally an AIR/Swords situation.
My card is XV the Devil

the pull makes me think of my switch hitting abilities with wands/swords fire/air.

What a roll of the eyes pull! I'm a Capricorn and he is a Capricorn!
I see this card just about every time I ask tarot about things between us.