Your Kindred Elements


As I was walking my dog during a welcome breeze here (it's over 100 F and has been up to 110F lately), I thought how air is the element I feel most aligned with. I am an Aquarian which is an air sign, but my element in chinese astrology is metal. In order, the element of air, with fire next but water and earth not far behind. When there is a slight breeze, I love it. I took glider lessons and loved the feeling of soaring. I like to do candle rituals and love water. I love the grounding sensation of earth.

So, what elements do other ATers feel especially linked to...or not? Either in the basic four or chinese elements as well, and why and how? Doesn't matter what you're SUPPOSED to be aligned with, like if you're an Air sign or Water sign, what elements call to you the most or least?


I definitely feel the most linked to water. Which makes sense, because I'm a Pisces! :) I just got back from the beach a couple days ago and I miss it so much!! I feel so connected and at home whenever I'm in (or even around) water. There's something about the fluidity of it that I really identify with and love. I love swimming and I love taking showers!! Haha my Mom gets so mad cuz I'd spend hours in there if I could. :p

The element I feel the most distanced from is definitely fire. I've always had a really intense fear of fire, and I'm not really sure why. When I was little I was in girl scouts and I remember during a camp out, I couldn't even roast my own marshmallow for smores!! :( Fire genuinely just really scares me.

This may be a stupid question, but what are the Chinese elements?


The Chinese elements are fire, water, earth, metal and wood, I think... and they can be either positive or negative, methinks...

The element for which I have the greatest affinity is fire. I'm an Aries, so no surprise, really. Next would be air (I'm a thinker and communicator, domains of the Air element) then water (swimming, taking baths, feeling like I can fly when I'm underwater), and lastly earth because I am not terribly grounded or practical by nature...


my sun-ascendant-moon are air, water, fire
I feel most connected with water and lakes; not so much with air..I hate flying, it scares me, I love water, and I like watching fire but I'd have to say water is the only thing that makes me happy. Fire agitates me. A nice stream, rapid, pond, anything watery makes me content.

The crowned one

I like then all. I could not choose, but fire is the most volatile for me, it is hate or love.


My Sun sign is Air, but I associate mostly closely with Water/Cups. Queen Cups is very 'me'. :)


I live in the Desert also. Sometimes I think about moving to someplace greener, especially in this year of extreme drought. The dry dust laden gale force winds have been horrible this year. However, when the conditions go back to the normal, the soft desert breeze, especially after a brief summer monsoon rain, with the smell of the creosote and sage in the air, make me realize I love the Desert more than anyplace else.

I am an Air sign (Libra) with a Fire sign (Sagittarius), rising, and I have a stellium in Leo, (more Fire).
Just as Musical Pisces tells about her fear of fire, I am somewhat afraid of water. I can swim, and all that, I just don't feel pulled to water, or especially comfortable around large bodies of water.

I discovered recently that my Chinese Zodiac element is Fire, so more fire! When I discovered that I thought to myself, no wonder I stay in this hot dry climate.

By the way, a good, short explanation of the Chinese Zodiac, and the Chinese Elements can be found by Googling "Chinese Zodiac, Wikipedia" and going down to the Element for your year, and clicking on whatever your element is.
This Chinese Zodiac system, although not so familiar as the 'Western Astrology' is interesting, and to me, it seemed to reinforce what I already knew about characteristics of myself, and my circle of acquaintances, (especially DH).

I wonder if you are a 'water' Musical Pisces.


My god mine should be water cos we got enough of the bloody stuff !! If it doesnt stop raining soon I'll need flippers!
Star signs I'm not really into, but I enjoy walking in big winds and also thunder & lightning.


An interesting question, and one I hadn't quite thought about in this way.

I love growing things. Plants, flowers, trees, ferns. But I'm not drawn to gardening. I just want to walk in the woods, the forest, the mountains. I love craggy rock outcroppings, the contrasts of sunlit ferns against rough tree bark or stone, and the smell of the earth after a rain.

I love the water. Ocean, stream, creek, lake ... doesn't matter, I love it. I LOVE scuba diving, snorkeling, and walking the shore with my bare feet in the sand. Feeling the waves lap against my ankles and the sand pull away from the bottoms of my feet. I used to be afraid of the water. I was afraid my boat would sink, I'd drop like a stone and drown, that sailboats would tip over, water would gag me as waves lapped over my snorkle. But once I learned more about it, I've been strongly drawn to it. Soaring across the water in a powerful boat (sorry for the environment, but the roar of the engine and the wind in my hair totally blows me away). Walking in it, looking at it, and if I'm lucky, enjoying the sights and sounds of dolphins and whales and sea birds soaring.

So, I would say that water and earth are probably my strongest, but they're all awesome.

I love watching a campfire, but although I have a fireplace in my home I've never used it. I love the breezes and storms and flying in airplanes, but I'm not drawn to learn to fly or balloon or zip glide or anything.

For those who are into the zodiac (I'm not) I'm a taurus. Not sure about any further details.


although im capricorn my favorite place is by the sea, i love it... but i also love the whispering leaves of a cool forest and the wind really blustering as well as a breeze, i love an open fire - so i love them all but i am a by the sea girl :)