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Pixie's Hidden Lenormand....

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Polyhymnia  Polyhymnia is offline
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Originally Posted by Polyhymnia View Post
Still no sign of the deck
Yay, there was a package in my box yesterday morning. It is gorgeous starlightexp. Totally worth a week of anguish
Thank you x
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I have long, long resisted branching out from tarot at all. But then I got *one* oracle, and then yesterday after some readings with rachelcat and the local tarot group...been enabled a wee bit on lenormand. So I suppose getting *one* lenormand would be ok too. And I have long told myself that if I ever got a copy, it would be of this one. ordering now :0
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Got my copy of the Pam B last week. Some differences from the first, but just as wonderful! Edmund you are amazing! I would never have considered Lenormands without your "gateway" deck.
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These cards are wicked. Great idea!
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I;m so glad that the deck is doing what it is meant to do and that is be a gateway to the Lenormand. I truly to this day never ever thought that the deck would have a life like this.
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I see it's sold out again - any chance of another printing? I have the original limited edition but love the backs on the second version! x
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Tarotrine  Tarotrine is offline
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I just got a copy of this deck with the red box and mat colours with 2 women and 2 man. Onto an extra card is written that it's a limited edition of 400 decks.
Bought it on a Dutch internet shop for less money. Is this perhaps a 3th edition?

Strange... Card 22, The Signpost on The Crossroads stands further and next to the road and not in the middle of it! How is the possible?
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