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Originally Posted by jeseryn
Silly question.. How are you supposed to wear the agate pendant? It has a slideable silver widget that was slide down near the stone and the ends are just untied.
Not a silly question - there was some discussion about it on here when people first got them

It's up to you - you can either slide the bead to the ends and wear it long, hidden under your clothes (talisman style), or I wear mine as a choker - put it over my head with the bead behind my neck, pull the two ends so it's the right length then tie the two ends in a bow. If the bow comes undone you won't lose it, it will just fall to full length.

Or... however! Someone said they wear it on their wrist I think? Or you could just carry it in your bag.

I wanted to keep it very plain and simple, not too jewelry-ish if you know what I mean. I especially don't like fiddly necklace clasps!
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