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Originally Posted by RubyV
Well, the replacement rom amazon was also faulty. I've cobbled together a deck from the two, but that's left me with a deck that while undamaged, the cards are different sizes. The art is lush and gorgeous, a delight for the eyes, which makes the situation more upsetting. oh well.
Well, I still haven't received my replacement from Kunati, so I gave them a call, over two months after I called them, since Amazon wasn't helpful. I was told that replacement would take four weeks. It's been over 8.

Well, the reason I never got the new deck was because he lost my name.

I'm serious.

I love supporting small publishers, and have found MRP to be a pleasure. I'm just sad that I can't say the same the same for Kunati. I wish I had bought the special ed direct from the artist. Sigh. New estimate: 10 days.
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