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Dream for krystalkitty -- April 11

Originally Posted by krystalkitty View Post
Not sure this is questioned is suitable so if not please let me know and will think of another..been doing some dreaming to dig up memories of my past life particularly with the life with my hubby so wondered if through your dreams you are able to glean any info about these even just with issues that may have stemmed from the past.. if this is not suitable then could I ask, what can I do to build my confidence and become more integrated within my life here in suisse.. thank you all in advance x
I went ahead and started, without much success last night. I had more information come from that place you go when your mind is relaxed and random information comes into your mind, but before you fall asleep... not even limbo, I was still very much awake, but my mind was relaxed and open, and that seems to be when a ton of random information comes to me. I tried to focus on your first question.

I saw a grandmother; she was a full-bodied lady, with short grey/white hair, she was wearing like a grey zip-up sweater and jeans. She might have had glasses. She was sitting on a couch and to her right was a young girl and to her left was a younger boy. She was holding a large, thin book that might have been a photo album; it was something she was either reading or sharing with the children.

This changes over to another snippet of information in the same room, but I was facing the opposite direction towards a kitchen I think. I saw a younger woman with short brown hair, who I think was these kids' mother. She was wearing a lighter-colored cardigan with shorter sleeves, or she had the sleeves pushed back, and this was over another lighter-colored t-shirt or tank top. She had on jeans that were capris, and she might have been barefoot or wearing a flat shoe. Even though I wasn't actually a participant in these visions, but more like an onlooker watching a movie, this woman looked right at me like she knew I was there and she smiled and held up a rock or gemstone of some kind in her fingers, like she wanted to make sure that I saw it and it was important for me to see it. Then she was playing a game or something with the kids, like hide-the-rock or something... lol... and I remember hearing the kids' laughter and the rock bounce off a hard floor a few times.

The dream I actually had I don't remember much of. I was myself, and there was this man I was involved with romantically I guess... we were both at some kind of orientation place to get a job. But you couldn't pick your job yourself, it was assigned to you. I remember feeling lucky to get a decent job. He had jet black hair, very nice eyes and skin, very attractive -- and I remember him asking me if I liked the job I got assigned, and I said yes. I really felt comfortable, like I got a good one... and I wasn't even concerned that I didn't get to pick it. Everybody there was supposed to wear headphones for training purposes or something, and there wasn't enough for everyone. I remember holding part of the ear-piece of an old set of headphones in my hand thinking how old and outdated it was and that I wasn't going to be able to participate in the way that I needed to. But I wasn't worried because I knew I had gotten a great job that I knew I could do.

That's what I've got for you so far!
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