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Hello everyone! This is my first time joining a discussion. Iíve been reading chapters of this book here and there since it was released and when I saw that youíd be reading this together, I had to jump at the opportunity.

How did you relate to the Tarot Analysis approach to reading the cards? Is this like or unlike the way you generally approach them?

Itís very much the approach I take. I come from a strong skeptical background, so it was the easiest way for me to take tarot seriously at first. Baby steps, you know. The more I read tarot, though, Iím finding this approach limiting in its explanatory power. The accuracy, and sometimes predictive nature, of reading tarot seems to render it as more than an elaborate Rorschach test.

Wen points out that many books approach Tarot too broadly and intends for this one to be a more formalized practice. How formal or informal is your own practice? Could it benefit from some formalizing?
My approach to seeking answers to questions is very informal and in the moment. Whatever feels right is what I do, from shuffling to cutting to layouts. For meditative purposes, I take a Qabalistic approach, so it tends to be more formal. Itís good to learn formally, to establish certain foundations, and it gives a good starting point from which to deviate and develop oneís own approach.

Iíll add more thoughts when I return home tonight.
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